Next-Gen Nurse Call System

Next-Gen Nurse Call System for Hospitals

Next-Gen Nurse Call System is re-architecting of traditional NCS using advanced software and hardware technology that brings flexibility, reliability, availability, and scalability.

  • A Dedicated Wireless Mesh Network provides coverage to all the areas of the Hospital, eliminating the weak signal or dead-zone in the hospital. The Nurse Call Module and Patient Push Button Switch, LED Module, Washroom Module and the Nurse Dashboard comprises the NCS Unit.
  • Next-gen Mesh WiFi based NCS is preferred over wired NCS, as it eliminates the need to run wires inside a hospital; a failover mesh network provides resilience to the NCS.
  • Our choice of best of the class Mesh Router and Mesh WiFi Network enables faster and easy deployment of NCS in hospitals of any size. The Modules of Next-Gen NCS consists of Nurse Calling Module, LED Module, Blue Code Protocol, and the Washroom Module.

Next-Gen Wireless Nurse Call System

Nurse Call System


  • Next Gen Tech
  • Integration with HMS
  • Wireless Mesh Network
  • Wireless NCS Modules.
  • Patient Push-Button Switch
  • Wireless Wall-Mounted Washroom Module
  • Wireless Room Indicator LED Module
  • NCS Nurse Dashboard
  • Blue Code Protocol
  • Secured Networking
  • Call-Response Tracking Statistics Reports
  • Simple Intuitive Interface
  • Best In-Patient Experience