Medical Laser Control Software


Laser Galvosoft - Medical Laser Control Software- Dermatalogy & ENT

We indigenously developed medical laser application software for Aarvam medicals, Pondicherry based pioneer, expertise in Laser equipment manufacturing & sales for nearly 25+ years.

We do,

  • R & D in Medical laser software using embedded in Dermatology & ENT based surgical applications.
  • Laser Machine has shown here with UI designed for Surgical/Fiber, Fractional & Ablation modes.


Functioning of Laser 

  • Developed 4 Different Operational Modes in Co2 Laser & RF Laser
    1. Surgical
    2. Fractional
    3. Ablation
    4. Fiber
  • Development of laser-based products pertaining to customer needs.
  • Prototype development with proper testing
  • Safe products are assured by our QA team.

R & D

Our R&D team is responsible for the new & continued development of our products and technologies.

Our R&D department consists of a young and motivated team with scientific and practical experience – in particular in the areas of embedded /IoT, laser and fiber technology. 



  • Surgical / Fiber
    1. An ultrashort pulse from 100µs
    2. Versatile with a range of accessories
    3. Like free-hand sketching, can be cut into desired shapes.
  • Fractional
    1. Distance between spots variable from .1mm to 2.6 mm
    2. Normal, mid split & Random modes of scanning.
    3. Scanning area 20 x 20mm
  • Ablation
    1. Scanning area 1mm x 1mm
    2. It can be scaled up to 2x using micromanipulator
    3. 360-degree rotation