vMeet Tablet Based Video Conferencing Solutions

Enhance Meetings with Tablet Video Conferencing Solutions

vMeet Tablet based Video Conferencing Solution is an online technology that allows users to bring meeting spaces online, by quickly joining scheduled video meetings at just One Tap of a Button. vMeet is very convenient for the executives to have a quick chat with their respective team. It is API-driven and can easily be integrated. vMeet is highly beneficial for Business with multiple branches, academic institutions with various departments, and healthcare sectors with many specialties.

Business Video Conferencing Solution

business video conferencing

vMeet Tablet Based Solution is a single tool that extends a consistent, cloud-based experience, adressing corporate communication, engagement, internal marketing, and more for employees and visitors. Businesses can reserve flexible workspaces through vMeet, and users can use open desks, personal devices, mobile or tablets for their meetings. This easy-to-use and manage solution highly modernizes business workspaces. Managing directors can share relevant information. vMeet with multiple features is highly accessible for attendees, making the process run more smoothly.

Healthcare Video Conferencing Solution

Health care providers, and the hospital management, may always find it difficult to coordinate, but with vMeet Video Conferencing Solution, doctors can hold online face-to-face meetings in a single click, and a simplified interface. Hospitals with multiple branches in different cities can be more benefited because it saves time and hassles. The managment can schedule meetings for their consultants, and other working members under various heads. Vmeet is API-driven and can easily be integrated with the existing HMS.

Video conferencing solution

Academic Video Conferencing Solution

video conferencing

For any educational institution- schools and colleges, video conferencing enables the Principal to communicate with the entire team of HODs, or teaching staff, facilitating high quality video, audio, and web conferencing to the connected academic campuses. Through Vmeet, the Principal can get the overview status of deployed conference rooms in a single admin console, and can also share important announcements, circulars, and events from laptop or tablet device, with the group of students assembled in auditorium or staff if necessary.


  • Meet with Anyone
  • One-Touch Start
  • HD Video & Audio
  • One-to-one Call
  • Conference Call
  • Online/Offline Status
  • Audio/Video Mute
  • Video On/Off
  • Call History 
  • External Mic/Speaker/Earphones
  • Bandwidth Status
  • Secured Networking

Vmeet keeps you and your team connected wherever you are, so you can get more done together. Regardless of your location, we have the best video conferencing solution awaiting.

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