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MedLogiX is a modern solution that enables medical facilities to overcome the biggest challenges in healthcare delivery today. MedLogiX is designed focusing on customization, affordability, scalability, and ease of use.

Customizable and configurable way of approach for managing hospitals


iHMS MedLogix is a Platform-independent software, evolved and matured since 2003. It is a complete Integrated Hospital Management System, which is modular and scalable; installable on-premises i.e., in Offline mode, or as a Cloud application with Mobile app customization. We offer an Integrated Hospital Management System (iHMS) which is ideally suited for Clinics (up to five members), Hospitals / Groups of Physicians (5-10 members), Multi-specialties & Super-specialties (more than 10 consultants), as well as handling the operations listed below:


Hospital / Group of Consultants

Multi specialty / Super specialty

  • MedLogiX software is an easy-to-use and convenient solution to aid hospitals in running their operations efficiently. It differs from other software solutions in that it is customizable and configurable.
  • In addition to accuracy, MedLogix offers superior quality control, transparency, enhanced time management, customer service, management visibility, and a single database management interface.

National Level Medical Expo, 26 July 2019, Chennai.

HMS @ Our client Premises, GD Hospital, Mayiladuthurai

Integrated Hospital Management System

MedLogiX - Integrated HMS runs on all standard hardware platforms and can be easily customized to suit the requirements and reflect the priorities of your hospital management team, and It is easily accessible Multiple users can log in and work simultaneously, and are easily accessible via web browsers. It makes clinical, administrative & other back office activities paperless where you can save a lot of time as it easily manages all the aspects of several hospital operations.  

Module Description

Patient Registration

Patient Registration eases the capturing of patient-related information such as name, age, gender, contact information, etc. 

Token system

Token System reduces waiting time, also queue helps manage a seamless flow of patients right from an initial entry point to check out.


Readymade  Templates. Keep a record of every visit of the individual patients in chronological order. Inbuilt BMI Calculator.


A new OP bill is created and charges are added. Separate billing terminals for Lab, Scan & X-Ray. Out-Patient bills are closed when there are no pending payments.


During admission, an IP bill is created to maintain the charges incurred & for further follow-up. Payments made by the patients are maintained transparently.

Lab Information

Lab, Scan, X-ray, Ward, ICU & Other charges are configurable & modifiable by the administrator. Special Charges like Physiotherapy charges can be customized.


Admission is done by a mouse click on free beds.
Immediate Printing of Admission Slip. Discharge icon leads to the settlement of bill & printing of closing bill statement.

User Defined Charges & Beds 

Customizable Bed charges based on different floors/wards
Floorwise Bed Occupant information. Bill icons lead to Billing Information.

Configurable IP Bed Charges 

Bed Charges are calculated from Rent, Resident Medical 0ffice [RMO] , Nursing, Maintenance and Food charges. Bed charges are based on hours range with a predefined percentage of full charge.

Customized IP Reports

          Financial Accounts An All Purchase, Expenses, Payments Can Be Feed In This Module. Receipts Can Be Directly Imported From OPD And IPD Department


SMS module offers personalized communication between patients, doctors, and hospital management. Patients get notified via SMS  updates.


Radiology covers X-Ray, CT scan, MRI tests. It includes registration, billing, test reports and further shows the status of various tests whether they are completed, pending, on hold, etc.

Benefits of using MedLogiX

✔ Up to Date Information of Patient.
✔ Increased Patient Satisfaction level.
✔ Time Saving for both hospital management & Patient.
✔ Faster Response for the patient requirement.
✔ Reduces man-made errors.

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