Integrated Hospital Management Software(iHMS)

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MedLogiX is a modern Integrated HMS that enables medical facilities to overcome the biggest challenges in healthcare delivery today i.e – Patient Experience. It is designed for ease of use and highly flexible and customizable, scalable, reliable and a convenient solution to aid hospitals in running their operations efficiently.

We have integrated Token & Queue Display systems which streamlines the turns of the Patients.     

Integrated HMS runs on all standard hardware platforms and can be easily customized to suit the requirements and reflect the priorities of your hospital management team, and attainable Multiple users can log in and work simultaneously and are accessible via web browsers. It makes clinical, administrative & other back office activities paperless where you can save a lot of time as it smoothly manages all the aspects of several hospital operations.  


i-Hospital Management Software

We Have Complete Workflows for

Hospital Management Software


Hospital Management Software


Hospital Management Software


Hospital Management Software


Hospital Management Software


Hospital Management Software


Hospital Management Software


Modules of Integrated Hospital Management System(iHMS)

iHMS MedLogix is a Platform-independent software, evolved and matured since 2003. It is a complete Integrated Hospital Management System, which is modular and scalable; installable on-premises i.e., in Offline mode, or as a Cloud application with Mobile app customization. We offer an Integrated Hospital Management System (iHMS) which is ideally suited for Clinics, Hospitals, Single-Specialities(IMRT), Multi-Specialties & Super-Specialties as well as handling the operations listed below:

Hospital Management Software
Hospital Management Software
Queue Management
Token Display
OP Billing
Nurse Station
Ward Management
Lab Report Templates
IP Billing
Discharge Summary
Online Payments
Expense Module
SMS Facility
Lab Machine Interface
Tally Integration
Mobile App Integration
Role-Based Access
Auto Backups
Secure Data

Modules Description


During admission, an IP bill is created to maintain the charges incurred & for further follow-up. Payments made by the patients are maintained transparently.

Lab Information

Lab, Scan, X-ray, Ward, ICU & Other charges are configurable & modifiable by the administrator. Special Charges like Physiotherapy charges can be customized.


Admission is done by a mouse click on free beds. Immediate Printing of Admission Slip. Discharge icon leads to the settlement of bill & printing of closing bill statement.

User Defined Charges & Beds

Customizable Bed charges based on different floors/wards. Floorwise Bed Occupant information. Bill icons lead to Billing Information.

Configurable IP Bed Charges

Bed Charges are calculated from Rent, Resident Medical 0ffice [RMO], Nursing, Maintenance and Food charges. Bed charges are based on hours range with a predefined percentage of full charge.

Customized IP Reports

Financial Accounts An All Purchase, Expenses, Payments Can Be Feed In This Module. Receipts Can Be Directly Imported From OPD And IPD Department.


SMS module offers personalized communication between patients, doctors, and hospital management. Patients get notified via SMS updates.


Radiology covers X-Ray, CT scan, MRI tests. It includes registration, billing, test reports and further shows the status of various tests whether they are completed, pending, on hold, etc.

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MedLogiX is considered as the most complete Healthcare management software in which constitute following solutions to meet every need of a clinic or medical centre.

Benefits of MedLogiX Integrated Hospital Management System(iHMS)

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Quick Deployment, Minimal Disruption

Experience a seamless transition. Our software is designed for rapid deployment with minimal disruption to your daily operations, Ensuring a quick return on investment and immediate improvements in efficiency.

Expert Support, Every Step of the Way

Your success is our priority. With 24/7 support and a team of experts ready to assist, you can trust that you're not just investing in software but in a partnership dedicated to your business's success.

Tailored Training & Onboarding

We offer comprehensive training sessions, Both Online and Offline, Ensuring hospital staff are proficient in utilizing the Software Effectively.

Enhanced Efficiency & ROI

Maximize your investment with our Cost-Effective Solution that not only improves Patient satisfaction but also optimizes operational efficiency, Delivering Measurable ROI for your hospital.

User-Friendly Interface

Our intuitive interface ensures a Smooth Adoption Process for both Staff and Patients, Guaranteeing ease of use and quick familiarization.

Scalability and Adaptability

Our software grows with your Hospital, Offering Scalability to accommodate expanding needs and technology advancements, Providing a future-proof solution.

Continuous Innovation

We are committed to ongoing innovation and improvements, Continuously updating our software to meet the evolving needs of Modern Healthcare environments.

Proven Track Record

Join a community of satisfied businesses that have transformed their Patient service with our software. Our Proven Track Record speaks volumes about the Reliability and Effectiveness of our solution .

Easy Adoption

Adopt and expand Effortlessly across diverse Hospital wings, Ensuring streamlined operations and adaptability to evolving needs.


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Lodge Management Software

Yes, the software is equipped to manage Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) efficiently, ensuring secure storage and easy access to patient information. HMS manages overall hospital operations, EMR handles patient health records.

Scalability, interoperability, usability, customization, support & maintenance.

No, there is typically no limit on the duration for which data can be accessed in an HMS. Data stored in an HMS can be efficiently retrieved through advanced search and retrieval functionalities, facilitating comprehensive data analysis and reporting.

Yes, We provide both yearly subscription plans and one-time payment options for your convenience.

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