Library Management System

By automating all library activities, including maintaining a database of new books, tracking borrowed books and the due dates, an advanced Library Management System is an integral element of any educational institution that can also be integrated with the iSchool, School Management Software. Membership can be applied with their details, subscriptions can be added and updated, and users can search for books within the library. With the inventory system, librarians can answer queries regarding the availability of books, while users can check the stock, verify the available titles, add new members or cancel existing ones, and remove, or edit books with ease. Innumerable books can be easily sorted by author, title, and subject, allowing users to quickly find what they are looking for. Entering the Member ID and subscription type allows instant access to any book in the library. The Stock-take Module allows users to see the list of scanned/unscanned books and mark them as lost/damaged/book-code missing.


Member List

  • Member List & Details
  • Member Application
  • Subscription Type
  • Add/Update Subscription
  • Renewal
  • Renewal Expiry Date
  • Member Status
  • Deactivate/ Cancel Membership
  • Pending Members
  • Subscription to be Paid
  • Periodicals
  • POS Billing
  • Reports & Configuration

Book List

  • Full Books List
  • Accession Number
  • Book Details
  • Book Status
  • Borrowed Books List
  • Print Barcode/Label
  • Book Search/Request
  • Book Issue/Return
  • Missed Accession Nos.
  • Complete Book Details

Book Issues

  • Member Name & ID Entry
  • Subscription Type
  • Book Issue & Return
  • Book Renewal
  • Book Limits & Fine Amounts
  • Issued Date/Due Date

Stock Take

  • Stock Take Date & Time Details
  • Scanned Books Report
  • In-Stock Books List
  • Borrowed Books List
  • Non-Scanned Books Report
  • Lost Books List