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Library Management System is an integral element of any educational institution. Integrated Library Management System brings several key features for members and library management staff like Automatic Membership for Students, Membership ID card, Categorizing, Organizing on Racks, Periodic Stock verification, Barcoding, and Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC), which displays the query search results, by Author, Title, ISBN, Publisher, Keyword, and Year of Publication, in an easy-to-understand format to enable patrons to find digital material quickly, and well-organized Library facilitating quick Search and Access to the books. A variety of Subscription types and Membership Fees collection options can be configured. Periodicals management is made easy by tracking volumes and issues and making the payments to the publishers. With Lotus Library Software, your library is well-managed. ...


Library Management Software

Key Features

Circulation Management

Fee Management

Shelves Management

Cloud or On-Prem

Search Function



Catalog Management

Circulation Management

  • Books Checkouts
  • Returns, Renewals
  • Holds/Reservations
  • Inventory Tracking

Fee Management

  • Fine Calculation
  • Payment Processing
  • Fine Waivers

Shelves Management

  • Common Title Search
  • Book Name Identification
  • Shelve Number Tagging
  • Efficient Book Search

Cloud or On-Prem

  • Cloud-Based Access
  • On-Premises Hosting
  • Data Security Measures

Search Function

  • Keyword Search
  • Advanced Search Filters (Author, Title, Subject)
  • Boolean Search
  • Sorting Options (Date, Relevance)


  • Item Identification
  • Checkout/Check-in Automation
  • Inventory Tracking

Membership Management

  • User Registration
  • Member Profiles Account Access (Renewals, Holds, Fines)

Catalog Management

  • Cataloging New Items
  • Updating Item Information
  • Metadata Management
  • Classification System Integration


Book Circulation

Simplify book borrowing and returns with our comprehensive circulation system. It manages check-in/out, renewals, notifications, and inventory, ensuring a seamless experience for patrons and efficient operations for staff.

Serial Control

Effortlessly manage ongoing publications like journals or periodicals with our Serial Control Module in the Library Management Software. Simplify subscription handling, issue tracking, and patron access for a seamless experience.


Our library management software's Acquisition module offers complete assistance throughout the material acquisition journey, from initial proposals to payment and accessioning, ensuring a seamless process.


It simplifies inventory management by offering customizable metadata, batch Cataloging, and seamless database integration. This user-friendly system ensures easy resource exploration and access for patrons.

Membership Administration

Our system simplifies registration, renewal, and member data while facilitating communication and engagement. Detailed reporting provides valuable insights, fostering stronger connections and enhanced member experiences.

MIS Report

Our detailed Management Information System (MIS) reports can help you make better decisions. Explore comprehensive information about operations, finance, and strategy, offering insights for growth and efficiency improvements.


Our OPAC interface simplifies browsing and accessing library materials with intuitive search, availability status, and interactive features for an enhanced user experience.


SMS Module manages due date reminders and overdue alerts, seamlessly linked to our database. Users subscribe, interact for renewals, and receive automated updates. It prioritizes security, error handling, and admin accessibility for settings and reports.


Library Management Software

Member List

  • Member List & Details
  • Member Application
  • Subscription Type
  • Add/Update Subscription
  • Renewal
  • Renewal Expiry Date
  • Member Status
  • Deactivate/ Cancel Membership
  • Pending Members
  • Subscription to be Paid
  • Periodicals
  • POS Billing
  • Reports & Configuration

OPAC & Barcoding

  • Browsing Capabilities
  • Simple Search 
  • Advanced Search
  • User Assistance
  • Barcode
  • Bibliographic Display
Library Management Software

Book List & Book Issues

Library Management Software
  • Full Books List
  • Accession Number
  • Book Details
  • Book Status
  • Borrowed Books List
  • Print Barcode/Label
  • Book Search/Request
  • Book Issue/Return
  • Missed Accession Nos.
  • Complete Book Details
  • Member Name & ID Entry
  • Subscription Type
  • Book Issue & Return
  • Book Renewal
  • Book Limits & Fine Amounts
  • Issued Date/Due Date

Stock Take

  • Stock Take Date & Time Details
  • Scanned Books Report
  • In-Stock Books List
  • Borrowed Books List
  • Non-Scanned Books Report
  • Lost Books List
Library Management Software

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Quick Deployment, Minimal Disruption

Encounter a smooth migration. Our software enables rapid execution with minimal interruption to your library's regular tasks, ensuring prompt returns on investment and immediate efficiency advancements.

Expert Support, Every Step of the Way


Dedicated to ensuring your library management system's success. With continuous support and a team of experts, your investment extends beyond software; it's a committed partnership striving for success.


Tailored Training & Onboarding

Our training sessions cover a wide spectrum and are offered in online and offline modes, ensuring staff competence in effectively operating our library management system.

Enhanced Efficiency & ROI


Benefit from our cost-effective solution that enhances satisfaction and operational efficiency, delivering measurable ROI for your management.

User-Friendly Interface

Ensuring simplicity for staff, our intuitive interface facilitates a seamless adoption process within the library management system.

Scalability and Adaptability

Evolving alongside your organization, our software offers scalability to meet expanding needs and technological advancements, ensuring a future-proof solution.

Continuous Innovation

Our commitment lies in continual innovation, consistently refining and updating our software to meet the evolving requirements within modern library management environments.

Proven Track Record


Be part of a community of satisfied enterprises that have upgraded their services with our software. Our track record confirms the reliability and effectiveness of our solution.

Easy Adoption

Drive easy adoption for library staff, emphasizing comprehension and fostering workflows that flexibly align with evolving needs.

Our Clients

St. Xavier School and College of Nursing - Kumbakonam
St. Xavier School and College of Nursing - Kumbakonam
P D Jain Homoeopathic Medical College - Maharashtra
P D Jain Homoeopathic Medical College - Maharashtra
Sridevi Arts and Science College - Ponneri.
Sridevi Arts and Science College - Ponneri.


1. Is Library Management Software Customizable to fit our library's specific needs?

Yes,  We offer customized Library Management Software solutions to adapt the unique requirements of different libraries.


2. What are the Pricing Models Available?

We offer two primary pricing models for our Library Management Software: yearly subscription and one-time payment both on cloud and on-prem.  


3. Does the Library Management Software offer multilingual support?

Yes, our Library Management Software offers multilingual support.  


4. Is the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) option available in Library Management Software? 

Yes,  Library Software includes an Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) feature, providing patrons with easy access to the library's digital material through various search options.

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