Token Display & Queue Management System for Hospitals

Token Display System in use at the Patient Waiting Hall of Athma Hospitals, Trichy.

Token Display System in use at the Patient Waiting Hall of Athma Hospitals, Trichy.

LRL’s Token Display & Queue Management System is specially designed for outpatient clinics, laboratory diagnostic centers, and multi-specialty hospitals for a number of consultants. Token Display & Queue Management System streamlines patient inflow right from the hospital entry point onwards. Audible notification Alerts and human voice-read features are available.   Token Display & Queue Management System can be tightly integrated with any third party HMS software, and API interface will be provided for integration purpose.

Introducing our cutting-edge Smart Token & Queue Management Software for optimized Patient flow

Features & Modules

  • Scheduling Appointment
  • Token Generation
  • Assign to Individual Dr. Queue
  • Re-assign to Different Doctor
  • Tokens with Date & Time Stamp in Thermal Print
  • Average Waiting Time
  • Recall No-show Tokens
  • Doctors’ “Busy” Notification
  • Doctors’ “Calling Nurse” Notification
  • Integration with third party HMS Software
  • Token Queue Statistics
  • Average Waiting Time
  • Average Consulting Time
  • Doctor wise Tokens
  • New Registration
  • VIP Queues
  • Extensive Reports
  • Large HDMI TV Displays 
  • Multiple Displays
  • Audible Alert
  • Voice-read Token Numbers 

Queue Management System for OPD

LRL’s Token Display & Queue Management Systems streamlines every aspect of the hospital and provides a smooth experience to patients at the waiting hall.

Calling Notification in Token Display System

Token Display & Queue Management System supports large HDMI displays with 43, 55, and 65 inches and an audible alert/voice-read token numbers  that flashes the following:

  • Consultant’s Room Number
  • Consultant Name
  • Token Number
  • Patient’s Name
  • Patient’s Register No. & UHID

Token Booking Panel

  • With the Token Booking Panel, receptionists can enroll Patients’ Name, UHID, Address Details, Consultant, Session, Complaints, Referral Doctors,  VIP Category. 
  • Receptionists can Fix Appointments for patients at a future date, and in-person visiting patient tokens can be generated.

Doctor’s Control Panel

  • Doctors in mid of the consultation schedule, may need to switch to other hospital management tasks, in such cases, “Busy Mode” is available in our system to meet the needs. 
  • Doctors can Recall No-show Tokens of patients who may have, for whatsoever reasons, missed their token call earlier. These stats for a specific consultant can also be used for any future references.



Calling Nurse Notification in Token Display

During the Consultation, a nurse can be called to assist the doctor for any medical examination via the “Call Nurse” if required, and this notification will be displayed in the Caller List. 

LRL’s Token Display & Queue Management System improves the overall operational efficiency of the hospital, by enhancing the patients’ experience at the waiting hall. For a Free Online/in-person Demo, you can always contact .

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