Healthcare Mobile Apps: Advancing Agility of Healthcare Sectors

Discover Seamless Solutions with Our Optimized Healthcare Mobile Apps.

Patient-centric Mobile Apps offer supreme healthcare services, enabling physicians to reach out to a number of patients at the ease of their home. These Mobile apps are personalized with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) where patients can carry along with them the latest prescription, vitals, reports, and lab results, making sure the latest prescription isn't missed or altered while traveling, and medicines can be bought via e-prescription. The mobile app can be customized for any specialty like Diabetes, Pediatric, Dialysis, etc., 

Healthcare Mobile Apps
DiabWellness- Diabetic Management App used by Karunya Sugalaya, Kumbakonam.

DiabWellness - Diabetic Management App:


DiabWellness is a simple and powerful app for Diabetic Record Tracker. It can be installed on Android, iOS Phones, Tablets, and Desktops. With the aim of preventing Diabetes and moving forward, it enables the patients to manage their health by tracking their Vitals, BMI, Blood Sugar, HbA1c, BP, Cholesterol while being monitored by their Physician remotely.

It also facilitates Tele-Consultations, Appointment Bookings, reminders for Medication Intakes, Lab Results, Diet Advice, E-prescriptions, Billing Details, and provides Instant Insulin Intake Recommendation via Expert AI Powered.


Electronic Medical Records App (EMR App):


For any specialty, patients’ medical history is essential for diagnosis and treatment. Traditional hardcopy paper-based records are prone to physical damage / lost / kept unordered etc., which may lead to a delayed or inaccurate diagnosis that is undesirable to the patient. Adopting LRL’s efficient EMR App that is highly customizable for a Speciality is highly desirable for an efficient consultation to provide Quick and Best Treatment to patients. This App can be used by a variety of organizations within the mental/behavioral health field including psychiatry, psychology, therapy, counseling, substance abuse and others, supporting mobile, outpatient, community, residential and inpatient settings.

Healthcare Mobile Apps
Healthcare Mobile Apps
Home Servicing App for Patients in Athma Hospitals, Trichy.

Home Servicing App:


Many Hospitals and Doctors have begun utilizing mobile apps increasingly as a means of extending their reach to patients and to create a better experience, improve their interaction and quality of care. Healthcare Home Services App majorly includes Lab, Nursing, Counseling, Doctors Visit, Ambulance, Pharmacy Services, Hospitals which can serve an area surrounding their location and provide Home Services to the patients nearby. These apps can be installed on Android, iOS, Desktop and Laptops using Progressive Web Apps (PWA) technology with a Dashboard to monitor and simplify the management. 

Mobile App & Dashboard Features

  • In-person Appointments 

  • Tele-Consultation Appointments

  • e-Prescription

  • e-Lab Result

  • Reports Upload to HMS

  • Vitals Entry at Home

  • Metrics Entry

  • e-Bills

  • Chat with Doctor

  • Advice from Doctor 

  • Patient Medical Records

  • Reminders on Medication
  • Expert System (AI) Powered

  • Google Map Integration

  • OTP Verification

  • Payment Gateway Integration

  • Order Tracking

  • Profile Update

  • Questionnaire

  • Push Notifications

  • Hassle-Free Online Payments

  • Improved Patient Engagement

If you are having ideas in building the best mobile app, we are happy to assist you. Reach out to us and get tailored development solutions for your health care mobile application. A renowned company like ours, with decades of experience is your perfect choice for an exquisite Mobile App.

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