Attendance & Payroll Management System


Attendance & Payroll Management System - SMS - Cloud Ready

Cloud- based Attendance

Fingerprint Attendance Kiosk with Photo

  •  In this Attendance & Payroll Management System, once the employee, clocks-in/clocks-out with the biometric scanner, attendance is registered with IN time & Photo of the employee as shown in the picture. ...

Attendance SMS 

  •  Immediately an SMS will be sent to the reporting manager.

Clock in

Clock Out

Cloud  Attendance Reports

  •  If Cloud enabled, any branch office data/reports can be viewed in the Head office at any time & elsewhere.
Cloud- based Attendance

IN Time Report

Cloud- based Attendance

Duration Report

Integrated Payroll with Fingerprint Attendance

  •  If Payroll software is integrated, It automatically calculates the salary based on the daily or monthly attendance of all employees.
  •  Equipped with facilities like holiday & bonus management, user wise access rights, automatic salary computation, an intimation of salary & attendance through SMS, salary slip over mail, etc.
Cloud- based Attendance

Automatic Salary computation

Attendance Overriding

Integrated Options : Payroll + Fingerprint Attendance


Cloud- based Attendance
  • Remote Location employee attendance tracking.
  • SMS sent to reporting Manager.
  • Duration, Late-In, Early-Exit reports.
  • No long queues - Multiple biometric scanners can be added on available USB ports.
  • Fingerprint Kiosk - can manage 1 to 7 queues.
  • Suitable for Orgs spanning multiple locations (Org, Country, State, District, Location)
  • Payroll Integration - Staff profile pushed to the Attendance management system, Attendance Info ( Check-in, Check-out time ) pulled from the attendance endpoint.


  • AMS - One of the biggest benefits of biometrics for attendance and timekeeping in a business where employees will be unable to clock in for another person (Proxy attendance not possible).
  • Effectively manages the overall business operations.
  • Increased employee productivity.
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