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Our Startup Clients

Athma Home Service

Athma Hospitals successfully launched 'Athma Home Service' App on 1st Sep 2021. It helps the patients to book the services such as Vaccination, Lab, Nurse, Doctor Visit, Counsellor Visit, Pharmacy, and Ambulance service.


A Mobile App Empowering public, by crowdsourcing crime incident's information sharing for everyone's Safety & Security.

Athma Telemedicine

Telemedicine is owned for Athma hospitals and it is mainly used for Consult the doctor through video conference and make the payment via online


Mobile app transforming the Sugar industry ecosystem.


Social Skill Network for Students, Professionals, and Academicians.

Karunyasugalaya Diabetes Care & Research Centre

A Mobile app for complete diabetes care for patients.


Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC) is a Singapore government based non-profit self-help group for the Chinese community operating on 14th centers island wide.  LRL developed cloud based operational software for the whole CDAC day to day process.

Aarvam Medical Systems

LRL Developed Reverse Engineered Control Panel Software for Medical Laser Surgery (ENT & Dermatology)   

EMR for Athma Hospitals

LRL Developed a Cloud-based EMR (Electronic Medical Record) for the largest Psychiatry hospital in South India. Concurrently used by more than 40 Consultant, Counsellor, Psychiatry, Pharmacy, Lab Staffs for IP & OP Patients.


LRL Developed cloud-based Saas Mobile Application (Android, IOS, Wearable watches) for Physiotherapy Clinic change startup based at Pittsburg in the USA.  


We developed backend in AWS for the analytics products. CEO Mukundh Kumaran guided our developers in LRL premises.

Attivo Networks

Developed very first User Interface and Graphs using Bootstrap & D3.js  for Botsink robots


Developed a Complaint loging site with a maximum of 64 characters input. Any user can register their complaint about any product from anywhere around the world.

Guess the wine

Bio Statistics - Testing people opinions on different varieties of wine. Basically, stats collected to improve the marketing aspect of a singular product.