Startup Research & Development

Transforming startup dreams into reality with strategic R&D expertise and cutting-edge solutions. LRL your Advanced Technology Partner, helps your businesses grow to new heights. Our interdisciplinary Expert Team, consisting of Engineers from various domains, provides the Best and Scalable Architecture, World-class UI and UX, meticulously Pentested and propelling Startups towards unprecedented Success.


Ideation to Product (R&D)

Our Experts understand your Idea, Architect the Solution and Execute it to realize your Dream Product.

If you have the desire to start a small enterprise and reach the zenith, then LRL can assist you in building your innovative idea and turn it into a software product by being your Advanced Technology Partner. We undertake algorithmically challenging projects, and transform your idea / business and take it to the next level.

  • We have handled large-scale Web / Cloud apps & Mobile Apps, AI projects, GIS / Maps integration, REST API interfacing,  Embedded R&D projects, Research Projects, and made our Clients succeed in their Product development Goals.
  • To accomplish this, we have established a unique process & culture that supports our Requirement Team, Architecture Team, Development Team, R&D Team, Quality Management Team, Testing Team, and Penetration Testing Team so that they can provide exceptional services to all our valued Startups building their products that are bug free, scalable and highly secure.
  • Through over three decades of Overseas R&D experience and owning International Patents, and tapping the local talents combined with the leadership, LRL uses the blend of High-quality Architectural expertise that your Idea needs, along with continuous services to make our clients' dream projects a reality, exceeding their expectations at affordable costs.
  • LRL R&D Headquarters is strategically located at Kumbakonam - a Calm Temple City in South India.  We have helped several Startups on 360° development so they can focus on go-to-market strategy, and our startup clients from the United States, Singapore, Bangalore, Pondicherry have benefited through our services.

Our Startup Clients

Startup Research Ideas and Guidance

Home Services Platform

Athma Hospitals successfully launched 'Athma Home Service' App on 1st Sep 2021. It helps the patients to book the services such as Vaccination, Lab, Nurse, Doctor Visit, Counsellor Visit, Pharmacy, and Ambulance service.

Startup Research Ideas and Guidance

BeWitness - Public Safety App

A Public Safety Mobile App that empowers by crowdsourcing crime incidents for Security. Alerts are sent to nearby Public, and services like Police, Fire, and Ambulance, immediately, enabling the public to Verify, Gather Information, Prevent, Help, and even Save Life.

Startup Research Ideas and Guidance

Gradskey - Social Networking Platform

Gradskey is a Social Networking Platform for students/professionals to upskill their professional knowledge for Job Opportunities. Integrated with Zoom, Vimeo, and Razorpay for Content Delivery and Payments, built by LRL, it connects with Industry Experts and delivers Online/Offline Courses, highly scalable on Mobile, and Cloud Platforms.

Startup Research Ideas and Guidance

Nubesol - Sugar Industry Ecosystem

NubeSol is a Mobile App transforming the Sugar Industry Ecosystem, by investing in the adoption of Advanced Technologies in agriculture, and technology innovations, affordable to the farming community, and farm R&D in partnership with relevant stakeholders.

Startup Research Ideas and Guidance


LRL developed Tele-Consultation for Athma Hospitals in Trichy, which enables patients to connect with doctors allowing them to discuss medical issues, monitor progress, and followup on their treatments, from any place at their convenience.

Startup Research Ideas and Guidance

DiabWellness - Diabetic Mobile App

A Diabetic Management Mobile App allows patients to self-manage their diabetic conditions while being monitored by their Physician remotely. It can be installed on Android and iOS phones, tablets, and desktops. 

Startup Research Ideas and Guidance

CDAC (Chinese Development Assistance Council, Singapore)

Cloud-Based Operational Software, for the whole process of CDAC (Chinese Development Assistance Council), a Singapore Government-based non-profit group for the Chinese Community, was developed for operating on 14th Centers Island-wide.

Startup Research Ideas and Guidance

Aarvam Medical Systems - Laser Software 

A Reverse Engineered Control Panel Software for Medical Laser Surgery (ENT & Dermatology) based applications, were built for Aarvam Medicals, Pondicherry, a pioneer with expertise in Sales & Manufacturing.

Startup Research Ideas and Guidance

EMR for Athma Hospitals

LRL Developed a Cloud-based EMR (Electronic Medical Record) for the largest Psychiatry hospital in South India. Concurrently used by more than 40 Consultant, Counsellor, Psychiatry, Pharmacy, Lab Staffs for IP & OP Patients.

Startup Research Ideas and Guidance

Aetas - Physiotherapy Software

A cloud-based SaaS Mobile Application (Android, IOS, Wearable watches), was developed for a Physiotherapy Clinic, a startup at Pittsburg, USA, with the idea to use the software in improving patient care and save the clinician time.

Startup Research Ideas and Guidance

Kovise Agro - AgriTech Ecommerce 

LRL developed Agro Mart, in 2017, functions as a Market Facilitator of Products from Farmers, Cottage Industries, Homemade products, and self-help groups as a farmer-to-consumer-friendly marketing system, based in Chennai, South India.

Startup Research Ideas and Guidance

C1X - Advertise Platform

A Backend in AWS (Amazon Web Services) for the Analytics Products in C1X was evolved by LRL, and Mr. Mukundh Kumaran, CEO accompanied LRL’s Developing Team in guiding us on our premises.

Startup Research Ideas and Guidance

Attivo Networks - Network Security

For Attivo Networks, first User Interface and Graphs using Bootstrap & D3.js for BOTsink Robots, were developed. It works in delivering defense for preventing escalation and lateral movement threat activity.

Startup Research Ideas and Guidance

Click3c - Global Complaint Platform

Click3c is a Complaint lodging site that enables a Maximum Input of 64 characters. Through this, consumers from any part of the world can register their complaints about any products, and get court filings and case analytics.

Startup Research Ideas and Guidance

Guess the wine - Bio-Statistics

The Bio-Statistics in Guess the Wine, was developed by LRL, which helps in testing the public’s opinions on different varieties of wine. Basically, these stats are collected to improve the marketing aspects of a singular product.

Startup Research Ideas and Guidance

Guide My Vacation

Guide my vacation is a tour-planner website, developed by LRL with the vision to open up doors for travelers around the world by customizing as per family needs and interest.

Startup Research Ideas and Guidance

Sales Statistics Leaderboard

It was implemented by LRL for Alagendran Auto Agencies Pvt.Ltd, which is a great way to incentivize the team. Using this dashboard, businesses with multiple branches can track and motivate both individual/team performance.

Startup Research Ideas and Guidance

Prashmi Solutions Private Limited .

LRL has developed an IoT and cloud-based uroflowmeter designed to monitor the flow of urine and its volume, particularly for patients with urinary incontinence (IP patients).

Startup Research Ideas and Guidance


LRL has developed the Smart Medical Gas Pressure Alarm for Gflow, setting a new standard in medical safety. This innovative solution offers comprehensive monitoring of 1–6 critical gases to safeguard both patients and medical personnel.

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