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Logic Research Labs Celebrating 20 Years



Logic Research Labs is the first Software Team to participate in the 54th Annual Conference Of Indian Psychiatric Society, South Zonal Branch (IPSOCON 2021 Conference held at Madurai) between 20th-24th October, 2021 organized by Athma Hospitals. Er. G. Hariprakash emphasized on the "Use of Technology to Empower Psychiatric Practice'', and Logic Research Labs showcased Integrated Hospital Management Software (iHMS), Integrated Electronic Medical Records (EMR) for Psychiatry, Tele-Psychiatry solution, Mobile app for Patient care and Home service for Psychiatry products.


Medicall hosts multiple medical exhibitions in various locations, which are designed with the idea of bringing the latest medical equipment and technology to every town and city. These medical trade shows help doctors and professionals with various ranges of hospitals to access advanced equipment and technology at better prices. The Medical Laser Application Software, which was developed for Aarvam Medicals, Pondicherry, was showcased in this Medicall Expo. In this Medical Laser Software, the Research & Development (R & D) is embedded in Dermatology & ENT based surgical applications.