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All India Medical Conference 2023

Indian Medical Association's esteemed 98th National Conference hosted in Thiruvananthapuram on December 27th and 28th, 2023, Logic Research Labs was honored to display Innovative Healthcare Products Hospital Management System (HMS), Nurse Call System (NCS), Token & Queue Management System and other healthcare products.

Celebrating 21st Year

Logic Research Labs celebrates 21 years of innovation. Our remarkable journey defines us, and as we look forward, Our commitment to continuous transformation and empowerment remains steadfast, bolstered by the invaluable support of our staffs and clients.


Medicall 2023, India's largest B2B Medical Equipment Exhibition hosted by Medexpert Business Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Provided a platform for Logic Research labs to showcase healthcare products this year. Among the spotlighted products specifically Wifi Nurse Call system, Teleconferencing & Consultation tools for medical professionals, and cutting-edge uroflowmeter technology. These advancements underscore Logic Research Labs' commitment to elevating the healthcare landscape.

The list of healthcare products and solutions offered by Logic Research Labs:

  • i-Hospital Management Software.
  • Integrated Pharmacy System.
  • Lab Information System.
  • Token Display & Queue Management System for Hospitals.
  • Nurse Call System (Wi-Fi).
  • Medical Record Software.
  • Fingerprint Attendance & Payroll System.
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR).
  • Tele-Consultation Services.
  • Healthcare Mobile Apps.
  • Hospital Websites.
  • Digital Signages for Hospitals.

Celebrating 20 Years

Logic Research Labs is happy to mark twenty years of innovative achievements. Over the past 20 years, Our constant commitment to innovation has driven us to new heights, and we are excited to continue pushing boundaries in the years ahead. This achievement strengthens our determination to shape a future with endless possibilities.


Making our mark at Medicall 2022, a distinguished B2B Medical Equipment Exhibition held in Chennai, Logic Research Labs took the forefront. Our presence was marked by a showcase for innovative healthcare technologies, bringing attention to Logic Research Labs' resolute dedication to advancing medicine and promoting better health for patients.


Logic Research Labs is the first Software Team to participate in the 54th Annual Conference Of Indian Psychiatric Society, South Zonal Branch (IPSOCON 2021 Conference held at Madurai) between 20th-24th October, 2021 organized by Athma Hospitals. Er. G. Hariprakash emphasized on the "Use of Technology to Empower Psychiatric Practice'', and Logic Research Labs showcased Integrated Hospital Management Software (iHMS), Integrated Electronic Medical Records (EMR) for Psychiatry, Tele-Psychiatry solution, Mobile app for Patient care and Home service for Psychiatry products.

CMMI Introduction (Capability Maturity Model Integration) 2020

At Logic Research Lab, Mr. Aadhavun TSE MSc., ME., a CMMI Consultant from Catalystry Consulting Pvt Ltd, Chennai, provided a concise yet enlightening introduction to CMMI. His expertise highlighted the importance of Capability Maturity Model Integration, guiding us towards optimized processes and organizational excellence. This insightful session equips our team with valuable insights for enhanced practices and quality-driven work.


Medicall hosts multiple medical exhibitions in various locations, which are designed with the idea of bringing the latest medical equipment and technology to every town and city. These medical trade shows help doctors and professionals with various ranges of hospitals to access advanced equipment and technology at better prices. The Medical Laser Application Software, which was developed for Aarvam Medicals, Pondicherry, was showcased in this Medicall Expo. In this Medical Laser Software, the Research & Development (R & D) is embedded in Dermatology & ENT based surgical applications. 


At Medicall, Logic Research Labs has been a constant presence, joining the event in 2013, 2017, 2018, and 2022. Our consistent engagement has enabled us to introduce innovative technologies in the health care sector, demonstrating our dedication to advancing the healthcare landscape.


Sastra University students took part in an industrial visit to Logic Research Labs, where our team of experts energetically showcased a diverse range of products. With a focus on practical applications, students gained valuable insights into the innovative technologies shaping our industry, creating an engaging and enlightening experience.

Kids Hour of Code Competition - 2014

Logic Research Labs initiated an innovative “Hour of Code” event, inviting students from all walks of life to participate from their surroundings. By embracing coding from familiar settings, participants unlocked the doors to technological exploration. These budding coders were then honored with certificates and meaningful gifts, kindling a sense of accomplishment and inspiring further forays into the world of coding and innovation.

Exploring Pichavaram - 2014

The Pichavaram trip with the Logic Research Labs crew was an extraordinary adventure that strengthened our camaraderie and provided fresh insights as we explored the captivating beauty of this natural wonder.


Every year, TechKnow Share brings students on an Educational industrial visit to Logic Research Labs. Our dedicated team introduces a variety of products, emphasizing practical applications. This provides students with important perspectives on new technologies that are making a significant impact, Ensuring an enjoyable and educational experience.

Building Inauguration 2013

The grand inauguration of LRL's new building was a momentous occasion filled with excitement and anticipation. Our modern facility represents a major advance in our journey of innovation and excellence. It provides a dynamic environment for our team to create, collaborate, and achieve new heights in technological advancements. This milestone shows our commitment to advancing technology and making a positive impact on industries worldwide.

10th Anniversary Celebration

Logic Research Labs  commemorates its 10th-year anniversary, a Significant milestone symbolizing a decade of unwavering Commitment, Innovation, and Outstanding accomplishments. 

As we reflect on the remarkable journey that has led us here, We take immense pride in our past achievements. Simultaneously, We look ahead with immense excitement, Eager to continue our pursuit of excellence and break new boundaries in the years ahead. 

Our Staff  and Clients have been instrumental in our journey, and we're excited to embark on the next phase of our adventure together.

Hyderabad Team Tour - 2007

The Hyderabad expedition with the Logic Research Labs team was a memorable journey filled with exploration and unity. As we delved into the city's rich history and vibrant culture, it served as a testament to our team's spirit of adventure and collaboration, leaving us with cherished memories to treasure.

Philosophy Talk by Prof. Narshiman - 2003

At Logic Research Labs, Professor Narshiman engaged our team in a thought-provoking philosophy talk, igniting insightful discussions and sharing profound wisdom. His expertise significantly enhanced our intellectual atmosphere and contributed to our team's knowledge.

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