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Nursing College Management Software

Nursing College/School Management Software (Nightingale) manages sectors of Diplomas, Degrees, and Allied Courses. This system is modular and highly extensible to manage students and faculty members taking multiple courses. The Nightingale Modules include Student and Faculty details, Billing and Reporting module, Centralized Library for School & College of Nursing, Configurations and Masters.

The up-to-date information of students, scholarship details, Mess and Establishment Billing, Challan generating facility, and auto-billing for Course and Hostel can be maintained. This software also facilitates Bulk SMS/Email Alerts, and Customizable Mobile Apps. The overall academic administration and efficiency can be streamlined. ...


  • Student Module
  • Application & Admission
  • Scholarship Type
  • Students Report
  • Students Details
  • Discontinued/Passed Out/TC Issued
  • Parents View
  • Bill & Personal Details
  • Staff Details
  • Staff Entry- Teaching/Non-teaching
  • Billing Modules & Reports 
  • Credit Billing for Academic Year
  • Establishment/Mess Billing
  • Challan Generation
  • Auto Bill Number - Course/ Hostel
  • Refund & Concession
  • Balance & Nil Balance
  • Individual Credit
  • Auto Credit Year-wise
  • Library Management
  • Book Code Generation
  • Library Reports
  • Administration Management 
  • Staff Login & List
  • Header Configuration
Nursing College Management Software
  • Masters
  • Fee Particulars
  • Student Promotion
  • Demote/Repromote
  • Bonafide Certificate Generation
  • Transfer Certificate Generation
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Conduct Certificate Generation
  • Template Creation
  • Date-wise Sent Reports
  • Bulk SMS facility
  • Absentee Alert SMS
  • Student Fee Balance/Marks Alert SMS

Key Modules


Student Details

Staff Management

Fee Management


Mobile App




Master Configuration


Hospital Management Software

Parent View

Modules Description


  • Application
  • Admission
  • Roll Number
  • Scholarship
  • Promotion
  • Demote
  • Vaccine Dosage

Students Report

  • Application List 
  • Scholarship
  • Students Detail
  • Discontinued List
  • Passed out list

Parent View

  • Bill Details
  • Personal Details

Teaching Staff Details

  • Staff Entry
  • Staffs Details


  • Course (Auto Bill No.)
  • Government Quota
  • Management Quota
  • Refund
  • Concession 
  • Hostel (Auto Bill No.)
  • Individual Credit
  • Auto Credit Year-wise
  • Establishment / Mess Billing
  • Bank Challan Generation

Certificate Generation

  • Bonafide Certificate
  • Transfer Certificate
  • Course Completion certificate 
  • Conduct Certificate 

Billing Reports

  • Year-wise, Date wise, Individual Reports
  • Easy Billing
  • Refund
  • Concession
  • Collection reports
  • Detailed Reports 
  • Balance, Nil Balance
  • Fine, Mess Bill Reports
  • Hostel Fee Reports


  • Login (GNM, Nursing), Staff Login
  • Staff List
  • Printer Setup
  • Header Configuration
  • Password modify & Reset
  • Backup


  • Admission
  • Hostel
  • Community
  • Caste
  • Vaccine

Bulk SMS

  • Send Group / Single
  • Template Creation
  • Send Fee Balance
  • Date Wise Sent Report
  • Absentee Alert SMS

Library Management

  • Comprehensive Module
  • Book Issue Register
  • Book Code
  • Student / Staff ID
  • Book List Reports
  • Available Books List
  • Detailed Books List
  • Individual / Return list


  • View Old Bills
  • Cancel Bill
  • Summary Bill
  • Detail Bill


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