Sales Statistics Leaderboard

Sales Statistics Leaderboard is a software application used to track sales team and employee's performance against business goals and targets throughout a month or year. It displays individual performance side by side, making it easy to see which members of a sales team are ahead of target or behind target on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis depending on business objectives.


  • Track Individual Sales Performance in Real-time
  • Track Team Sales Performance in Real-time
  • Compare Performance across Multiple Sales Metrics
  • Use Competition to Motivate the Sales Team
  • Create an Open Work Environment
  • Use the Leaderboard Data to Make Quick Decisions

What industries would benefit from Leaderboard?

Retail Stores
Jewelry Showrooms
Call Centers
Car Dealerships

Does adopting leaderboards increase revenues for your business?

Sales Statistics Leaderboard is a great way to incentivize a team and create an open culture. Adding rewards like badges and medals are the biggest motivators for humans to perform better at their jobs, which enhances productivity and improves job satisfaction. There are several indirect benefits to adopting leaderboards, that is just by keeping the motivation levels up, it can bring more revenues for your business.

Why should Sales Managers use Leaderboard?

With a leaderboard, sales managers can monitor individual’s and team’s performances efficiently in real-time. They can compare between sales reps and different teams, and can identify the top performers for a given period, allowing them to make informed decisions regarding promotions, which helps their business in the long term.

In what ways, Leaderboards motivate employees to reach their goals?

Displaying a sales statistics leaderboard at the workplace is a great way to motivate employees to hit targets both as individuals and as a team, track performance across multiple sales metrics and display that data on a live TV dashboard, making the data available to the entire business.

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