Medical Gas Pressure Alarm

Ensuring Patient Safety with Reliable Medical Gas Pressure Monitoring

Monitor medical gas pressures meticulously, protecting patients with compliance and precision for uninterrupted healthcare reliability and the highest level of well-being.

Smart  Medical Gas Pressure Alarm ensures safety by actively monitoring gas levels of 1-6 critical gases—oxygen, Nitrous Oxide, Medical Air 4, Vacuum, carbon dioxide, Medical Air 7 on its clear 7-inch Touch Display. Get alerts via Email or SMS, along with alert sounds, keeping maintenance engineers or operators informed for a quick response to low and high pressure situations with Wi-Fi connectivity, easily check alarm conditions from your Desktop, Tablet, or Smartphone. Explore the smart features of our Gas Alarm, revolutionizing gas safety for your peace of mind.

Product Features

Advanced features designed for optimal performance, reliability, and user-friendly operation,
Ensuring seamless functionality and superior results for diverse needs.
Varied Gas Monitoring

Monitor multiple gases1-6 simultaneously.

Advanced Touch Screen

7-inch Touch Screen Display with a password-protected interface.

Customizable Display

PSI, mmHg, or BAR display.

Seamless Connectivity

Wi-Fi-enabled access.

Real-time Alerts

Monitors gas pressure for low and high set points, providing real-time alerts for any abnormalities.

Comprehensive Oversight

Equipped with temperature and humidity sensors for comprehensive monitoring.

Tailored Thresholds

Adjustable “GH” and “LOW” set points.

Top Reasons to Choose a Smart Medical Gas Pressure Alarm

Easily monitor medical gas pressures, to guarantee smooth operation and
unwavering safety in your healthcare facility.

Hospitals diligently undertake the inspection, testing, and maintenance of gas sources, delivery systems, and alarm setups, an integral practice vital for ensuring the safety and functionality of these critical components. Within healthcare settings, these medical gas systems serve as life-preserving elements, while alarm-equipped devices stand as indispensable safeguards, upholding the safety standards of your facility.

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