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"Enhancing Attendance Management with Cloud-Based AI Face Recognition"

Explore the comprehensive Features of our advanced Cloud-based AI Face Attendance Software, Empowered by state-of-the-art Deep Learning Face Recognition technology. This automated system efficiently captures In-time and Out-time, optimizing attendance tracking for organizations and campuses. Access detailed attendance reports seamlessly via our intuitive Cloud server, ensuring convenience and comprehensive insights. With a steadfast commitment to security and reliability, our system seamlessly incorporates vital pandemic safety measures, guaranteeing a seamless and resilient attendance management experience in any scenario.

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AI Based Face Recognition Attendance System
AI Face Attendance System by LRL installed at CNS, Hospital, Tiruppur.

100+ Powerful yet easy-to-use features to Streamline Staff Attendance

Cloud - Based

Easy remote access and management.

Attendance Reports

Attendance Register, Duration, Late Entry, Early Exits, OT Register.

Advanced Filter Options

Member wise, Month wise Last 30 days, Last 7 days.


Can be integrated with other systems, such as HR or payroll.

Real - Time Monitoring

Allows real-time monitoring of attendance, Tracking employees or students.

Data Security

Ensures data privacy and security, with access limited only to authorized personnel.


Can be easily expanded to accommodate larger organizations or institutions.

Anti Spoofing

Against video attack, colour photos, digitised photos and video in smartphones/laptops.


6.6 Inch display.


Confidence matching Percentage.


Stylish, compact, easy to install.


Ensuring accurate tracking within specified geographic boundaries for improved security and attendance management with Geofence

Discover the Mind Behind Our Innovative System!

With deep learning technology, Face recognition identifies, collects, stores, and evaluates face characteristics for accurate matching with photos in a database. Once an employee clocks-in or clocks-out using the Face Recognition Attendance, the system captures the facial image, conducts processing and analysis, calculates the Confidence Percentage, and presents identification results. These results include Person & Organization Name, In or Out Time, Device ID, and are complemented by an audio message of 'WELCOME & THANK YOU'.

Explore the Striking Highlights of Our Innovation!

Deep Learning Technology

Auto-learning Face

Multiple Entries & Exits allowed

Different Entries & Exit Points allowed

Confidence Matching Percentage


Payroll Integration [Optional]

SMS Notification [Optional]

What Sectors Can Use AI Face Recognition Attendance?

Government Offices

Academic Campuses

Textile Industries


Service Centers

Departmental Stores

Payroll Integration [Optional]

Payroll software is integrated, it automatically calculates the salary based on the daily or monthly attendance of all employees. Among the features of this software are holiday & bonus management, access rights per user, automatic salary calculation, salary slips via mail. This software suits Organizations with multiple locations (Location, District, State, Country). It keeps track of time because employees can't appear on behalf of another person.

Transform your attendance system with Logic Research Labs leading AI Face Attendance Management Software. Experience unparalleled Efficiency and Satisfaction, Making it your best option for seamless attendance tracking and management.

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How accurate is face recognition in an AI Face Attendance System?

Our system is designed to detect if individuals are wearing glasses, masks, change in hairstyle and advanced enough to distinguish between identical twins. We continuously improve accuracy by autotraining the system with daily recognized faces.


How does Face Attendance Software ensure security and prevent fake attendance?

Face Attendance Software incorporates liveness detection, video detection, and other anti-spoofing measures to verify the authenticity of attendance, enhancing security and mitigating the risk of fraudulent activities.


Can Face Attendance and Management software be customized for specific organizational needs?

Yes, we undertake customization to ensure alignment with organizational workflows and objectives.

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