Face Recognition Attendance System

Face Recognition Attendance System is an advanced, automated, and high-accuracy system that accurately identifies and recognizes faces for identity verification, customer identification, security, access control by their facial features. It helps track employee attendance, control visitors' access to office premises, enhance security and efficiency, and take pandemic safety measures.


  • Deep Learning Technology
  • Auto-learning Face [Monthly]
  • Multiple Entries & Exits allowed
  • Different Entries & Exit Points allowed
  • Confidence Matching Percentage
  • Cloud-ready
  • Payroll Integration[Optional]
  • SMS Notification [Optional]

How Does Face Recognition Attendance Work with Deep Learning?

With deep learning technology, Face recognition identifies, collects, stores, and evaluates face characteristics so that they can be matched to photos of people in a database. Once the employee, clocks-in/clocks-out with the Face Recognition Attendance, it captures the image of the face, processes and analyzes it, calculates the Confident Percentage, and displays the identification results along with the Person & Organization Name, In/Out Time, and Device ID, accompanied by an audio message of “welcome & thank you”. Immediately an SMS will be sent to the Reporting Manager/ the Head of the Organization. If Cloud is enabled, any branch office data/reports can be viewed in the Head office at any time and elsewhere.

What Sectors Can Use Face Recognition Attendance?

Medical Centers/ Hospitals
Government Offices
Academic Campuses
Textile Industries
Service Centers
Departmental Stores

Payroll Integration [Optional]

If Payroll software is integrated, it automatically calculates the salary based on the daily or monthly attendance of all employees. Among the features of this software are holiday & bonus management, access rights per user, automatic salary calculation, SMS notification & attendance, and salary slips via mail. This software suits Organizations with multiple locations (Location, District, State, Country). It keeps track of time because employees can't appear on behalf of another person.