A fully integrated POS, Inventory &  Stock to manage pharmacy, get a complete overview of the business, increase sales and cut operational costs.

PharmaScape On-Prem / ERP based pharmacy solutions can reduce capital investment and provide agility in digital infrastructure . PharmaScape makes it easier for pharmacy owners to launch and manage both Retail and Stock maintenance at multiple locations.


  • Sales 
  • Purchase
  • Inventory
  • Accounts 
  • User can Create cash & Credit bill
  • Accept Part Payment 
  • Shortcut keys
  • Add, Remove & Cancel bill 
  • Tax% 
  • Discount % 
  • Round off 


  • Switching of Users 
  • Bill continuation with open bill 
  • Backdate bill
  • Expired items 
  • Batches 
  • Bill accessible in all terminals 
  • Doctors wise purchase summary 
  • Distributor details (such as Name, TIN/VAT, D.Lic.No and contact number) 
  • Medical Nonmedical items in the same bill.
  • Accounts double-entry model 
  • Backup data & Restore data
  • Various reports
  • User level menu accesses & manage passwords.


  • Create Account Head 
  • Account Groups
  • Profit & Loss Reports
  • Balance Sheet Reports 
  • Sales Account reports
  • Purchase Account Reports 
  • Synchronize actual stock with system stock.
  • Purchase Fast stack entry from excel or comma-separated text files (CSV) file is reduce the tedious data entry in stock
  • Can’t allow expired item 
  •  Filter invoice based on the date 
  • Autoload previous purchase details
  • The purchase form is login access restricted
  • Alternative medicines 


  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Inventory
  • Accounts
  • Access Based Login