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For both Standalone & Integrated Pharmacy, Pharmascape renders a frictionless experience starting with Product Orders to Delivery by assisting pharmacists, and distributors, by automating the operations to manage retail distribution efficiently. Pharmascape includes the Modules of Sales, Purchase, Inventories of Medicines, and Accounts. By keeping complete track of the stocks and automating reordering using the minimum and maximum stock values, it helps pharmacists keep complete control over the stock levels. Using quality outstanding, collection reports, and financial accounting, facilitates replacing extra or expired goods with more efficient inspections.

LRL's Pharmascape Software, with its Full Suite of Modules listed below, enables you to run both a Retail Pharmacy or an Integrated Pharmacy.

PharmaScape Key Features



Sales Return

GST Billing

Cash / Credit Bills


Purchase Return

Credit Note


Batch & Expiry Management

Rack & Shelf Management

Stock Management


Switch between

Payment Modes


Powerful Reports

Fast & Not Moving

Import Existing



Sales Module

  • Create Cash/Credit/Surgical Bill
  • Invoice Distributor’s Name
  • Sales Report (Cash/ Credit/Cancel/Sales Return)
  • GST Reports
  • Add Item/Modify/Remove Items to Bill
  • Limited Cash Payment
  • Cancel Bills
  • Bills with/without Tax
  • Give a Discount on the Sales Amount
  • Automatic Roundoff to Total Amount
  • Excess Amount to return to Customer is shown
  • Big Display of Total Sale Amount
  • List of Sales Bill
  • Hyperlink to Bills in the Open Bill List
  • Options to Continue Billing on Open Bills
  • Cash Bill is not allowed to close with Balance Amount
  • Only In-stock Items are Shown for Billing
  • Invoice-wise Discount %
  • Batch Nos. are shown in the Earliest Expiry Order
  • Auto split & Add Quantity to Bill
  • Detailed Bill Entry (Item wise amount, tax, discount, & total amount)
  • Know the purchase rate of the medicine using a hotkey
  • Easy to locate Bills, when customers don’t have printed bills for Sales Return
  • View Bill Status- Open/Close/Cash/ Credit
  • Bills both Medical and Non-Medical Items in the same bill, non-medical items are automatically recognised
  • Override Tax% in the Field
  • Enter 0% to cancel billing tax amount
  • When Items  are keyed-in for billing the auto-complete feature fills the drug name with a list of drug name close to keyed characters
  • Instant Display of MRP, Tax, total & batchwise quantity, location of the drug are displayed when the drug is selected
  • Administrators can view all Bills/ Cancel Bills at any time
  • Expiry Item List for any user input expiry date
  • Fast moving drug/item List
  • Non-moving item list
  • User wise sales Report
  • Monthly Sales Report
  • Capture Customer Contact Details for Credit Bills
  • Doctor/Consultant wise Sales Report
  • Sales Person access the Sales Menu Only
  • Print Preconfigured Message in Bills (eg. Wishing you a speedy recovery, etc)
  • Provisions to change pharmacy’s address, phone numbers, etc.

Purchase Module

  • Fast Stock Entry for New Installation
  • Fast Import of Stock
  • Entries from Excel or comma-separated text Files (CSV file format)
  • Create Distributors’ Details
  • Doctor-wise Purchase Summary
  • Cash/ Credit Purchase
  • Distributor Accounts
  • Add/Modify/Remove Item into Invoice
  • Add Free  Quantity
  • Only In-stock items  can  be entered into the Purchase Invoice
  • Item wise Tax % & Discount %
  • Autoload previous purchase details, rate, %, Discount %, free, MRP, and other details to enable fast data entry
  • Date-based & Distributor-based Report Filters
  • Automatic roundoff Calculation
  • Delete Invoice
  • Invoice Due Date Report
  • Fast Access of Distributors using Codes
  • Purchase Form in Login Access is restricted
  • Distributor-wise Purchase Return/Report
  • Distributor-wise Paid Invoices Report
  • Return Current Stock Quantity in Packs
  • Return with/without Tax & Discount
  • Display of Total Return Value
  • Replace new drugs for Purchase of return Drugs
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annual Purchase Report
  • Invoice Pending & Paid Reports
  • Item-wise Minimum Rate Distributor List
  • Fully paid Invoices Report
  • Distributors’ Paid/Unpaid Invoice Reports
  • Summary/ Details Reports
  • Item-based Report from all Distributors
  • Purchase/Distributor/Invoice-wise GST Reports

Accounts Module

  • Easy Account Head & Group Creation
  • OLTP (Online Transaction Processing System)
  • Transaction Cancellation via Delete
  • Profit & Loss Reports
  • Balance Sheet Reports
  • Open/Close Accounts in Financial Year Start/End
  • A list of Vendors can be added
  • Partial Payment


  • Expired Item Reports
  • Minimum Quantity Reports
  • Maximum Quantity Reports
  • Total Stock Worth Reports
  • Sync. Actual Stock with System Stock
  • Synchronization Reports
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Integrated Pharmacy

A User-friendly software, that is tightly integrated with iHMS e-Prescription, OP & IP billing modules, that supports multi-user, multi-terminal for quick dispensing of medicine. Our Pharmacy software is suitable for medical centers, dispensaries, polyclinics, nursing homes, small and mid-range to super-speciality hospitals.

 Integrated Features

  • Sales Cash/ Credit/ Card / UPI
  • GST Billing
  • Sales Return
  • Limit to Cash Sales
  • Prescription Autoload
  • Purchase Cash/ Credit
  • Vendor Name Changing Option
  • Invoice Number Changing Option
  • Auto-fill Last Purchase Details
  • Payment Due Days
  • Distributor Master
  • Inventory of Medicines
  • Inventory Reports
  • Total Stock Reports
  • Expired Item Reports
  • Stock Adjustments
  • Purchase Return
  • Stock Location
  • Payments- Cash/Credit/Card/UPI
  • Partial Payments
  • Item Master
  • Fully Integrated Accounts
  • Excel Export
  • Vendor Payments
  • Transaction Accounts
  • P & L Accounts
  • Summary/Details Reports
  • Sales/Purchase Reports
  • Profit/Loss Reports
  • GST Reports
  • Menu/Role Access Creation
  • Auto Backup

Why wait any longer? Unlock the possibilities with our offerings...

Quick Deployment, Minimal Disruption

Embrace a smooth changeover. Our software is fashioned for rapid deployment, minimizing disruptions to your daily activities, assuring a speedy ROI and immediate efficiency enhancements.

Expert Support, Every Step of the Way

With round-the-clock support and a team of adept professionals on standby, rest assured, you're investing in more than just software; it's a dedicated partnership for your business's triumph.

Tailored Training & Onboarding

Our training sessions cover all bases, available both online and offline, guaranteeing the pharmacy staff's proficiency in effectively using the software.

Enhanced Efficiency & ROI

Improve your investment with our cost-effective solution, enhancing patient satisfaction and operational efficiency, and delivering measurable ROI for your Pharmacy.

User-Friendly Interface

Guaranteeing quick familiarization and ease of use, our intuitive interface ensures a smooth adoption process for your staffs.


Scalability and Adaptability

With the ability to adapt to growing needs and technological advancements, our software ensures scalability, offering a solution that's future-proof for your pharmacy.

Continuous Innovation


Our commitment to ongoing innovation and progress fuels regular software updates, ensuring alignment with the dynamic needs.

Proven Track Record

Join a satisfied group of pharmacies that have elevated their patient service using our software. Our proven track record speaks volumes about the reliability and effectiveness of our solution.

Easy Adoption

Seamlessly incorporate and expand throughout different pharmacy units, ensuring streamlined operations and adaptability to evolving requirements.

LRL’s Pharmascape Software makes the overall operation of your Pharmacy hassle-free, by enriching everyday sales & purchase experience as a whole. For a Free Online/in-person Demo, you can always contact

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To learn more about the benefits of PharmaScape


1. What are the Pricing Models Available?
Yes, We provide both yearly subscription plans and one-time payment options for your convenience.


2. Is it possible to import existing inventory data from other software?
Yes, we provide an Excel template specifically designed for importing existing stock.


3. Are there customization options for different workflow preferences?
Yes, We provide options that cater to various workflow preferences, Ensuring flexibility and customization to suit your specific needs.


4. How will the training process be?
Our Software is very easy to use, with simple actions for each role. We offer online training and, for added convenience, We also offer on-site training sessions when required.

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