XFer -Transfer Certificate Management Software for Schools & Colleges

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XFer - Easy TC 

  • Schools now no longer have to worry about generating TC manually, with Xfer the process is easier, faster and time-saving as the entire data and student information is digitized.
  • It is mandatory to receive a Transfer Certificate when a student is leaving a school or applying for a new one, he/she ought to have a TC for the future need and the school generates a TC with all the relevant details pertaining to the date of admission and date of leaving.
  • XFer helps in generating TC in a professional look & error-free


  • TC Print / Report
    1. Department wise
    2. Admission wise
    3. Medium wise
    4. Community wise
  • Easy-to-maintain
    1. Student data ( Continued / Discontinued student )
    2. TC Status (Issued / Not Issued )
    3. TC Copy (Original / Duplicate)
    4. TC Reports
  • TC Format (English / Tamil)
  • TC Print including Photo of the student
  • Data Protection
  • Inbuilt Security
  • Accurate & Time Saving
  • Tamper Proof
  • TC Inline Editable
  • Fast Laser Printing

TC Preview - Front

TC Preview - Back

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