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Transfer Certificate is an important Document  issued towards the completion of the course. The Staff responsible for issuing the TC is usually overloaded due to manually preparing and tracking who has collected / not collected. Honoring last minute changes like  correcting the name etc., is also cumbersome in the manual process. 

To Address this problem Logic Reseach Labs developed Transfer Certificate Automation Software(xfer) to facilitate generating of the TC with / without student photo embedded in the certificate . Now , it has become relatively  easier  for the  institutions to generate , store and track the Transfer certificate  with the Xfer Application from Logic Research Labs.

Our user-friendly interface empowers you to effortlessly initiate and track your transfer certificate request, from the moment you submit your application to the final issuance of your certificate. Gone are the days of cumbersome administrative procedures; our streamlined process ensures swift turnaround times, enabling you to access your certificate promptly and without hassle. Say goodbye to paperwork and hello to hassle-free documentation with our Transfer Certificate service. Embrace the ease and convenience of obtaining your transfer certificate with us today.

XFer - Easy TC 

  • Schools now no longer have to worry about generating TC manually, with Xfer the process is easier, faster and time-saving as the entire data and student information is digitized.
  • It is mandatory to receive a Transfer Certificate when a student is leaving a school or applying for a new one, he/she ought to have a TC for the future need and the school generates a TC with all the relevant details pertaining to the date of admission and date of leaving.
  • XFer helps in generating TC in a professional look & error-free. ...

XFer - Benefits 

  • TC Embedded with Photo and Print with Photo
  • TC Format in Bilingual: English, Indian Language
  • Fast Laser Printing
  • Maintain Community & Student Reports
  • Maintain Original & Duplicate TC
  • Maintain TC Reports
  • Inline Editing of TC
  • Easily Customizable
  • Data Protection
  • Security Inbuilt
  • Accurate & Saves time for staff & Students
  • Tamper Proof

XFer Features

Print TC

Department wise

Admission wise

Medium wise

Community wise

Easily Maintain

Continued Student Data


Discontinued Student Data

Issued Status

Not Issued Status






TC Preview - Front

Transfer Certificates Management Software

TC Preview - Back

Transfer Certificates Management Software
Transfer Certificates Management Software

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Transform your academic transfer process with our Transfer Certificates. Schedule your issuance today and embark on a smooth transition to your next educational destination.

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