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Benefits of Installing Nurse Call System in Hospitals

  • December 16, 2022
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Wireless Nurse Call systems are becoming more and more popular in nursing homes and acute hospitals because of the ease of installation. A system can be installed in very little time causing little or no disruption to the patients and staff. In an industry where quick response times are critical, allowing patients the ability to call a nurse or other attendants and get an immediate response is of the utmost importance. In such cases, the Nurse Call System allows patients to notify a nurse for their assistance just by pressing a patient side Push Button on their bedside. In response to pressing the button, a nurse is summoned to the patient's room, where they can assist them.

Facilitates Communication

Through the wireless Nurse Call System, all obstacles to communication between patients and nurses are removed, and both patients and caregivers benefit from improved communication.

Increases Coordination

A wireless NCS is the ideal solution for all care related challenges in the modern-day healthcare environment. With the help of this advanced digital technology, patients will be able to coordinate their needs in a timely manner and their needs will be satisfied.

iHMS Integration

Wireless Nurse Calling System is the fastest-growing segment due to rapid advancements in wireless technologies, and it can be tightly integrated with the iHMS irrespective of the size of the hospital.

Cost Effective

Investing in this NCS allows healthcare industries to avoid the expense of laying cables through the wards and nurse station, thereby allowing your facility to be more profitable. They have better integration capabilities compared to other technologies.

Successful Installation of LRL's Next-Gen Wireless NCS in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu.

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