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Revolutionize Communication and Reduce Advertisement Costs with Our Visibility-Enhanced Interactive Signage Solutions.

We specialize in providing industry-specific customization for our clients.

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Digital Signage Key Features

Dual 4K HDMI Supported
Portrait or Landscape Display
32" to 65" TVs Supported
Centralized Control
Wireless or Ethernet
Images, Gifs, Videos Supported
Professional Creative Graphic Design
Customizable Layouts

Dynamic Contents attracts Customers Attention, Studies indicate that digital signage can increase brand awareness by 65% and has the potential to influence decisions.



Food & Beverage

Manufacturing Industries

Banking & Finance


Digital Signage for Hospitals
Digital Signage for Restaurants

Cloud Digital Signage

Sales Statistics Leaderboard

Displaying a Sales Statistics Leaderboard for business with multiple branches is a great way to motivate employees to hit targets both as individuals and as a team by ranking their performance on a monthly basis.

Employees/Salesmen photos are displayed on a live Dashboard with their real-time statistics.

Employee Task Remainders

Designed to streamline communication and provide real-time updates on Tasks assigned to Employee, their progress, and completion.


Admin and Managers can quickly check on everyone’s work across all branches from one spot, making it simpler to keep track of progress.


Signage with Token & Queue

Showcase featured menus, dishes, daily specials, and promotions on dynamic digital signage to attract customers’ attention and promote upselling opportunities.


By integrating a signage system with token displays, businesses can effectively promote their products while also minimizing customer wait times, leading to a more efficient and satisfying experience for all.

Why Choose Logic Research Labs Digital Signage?

Digital Signage allow all businesses to easily showcase their products, services or any other content for that concern, helping them to stand out and engage with more customers.


A digital Signage provides the most flexible banner. Digital sign boards are available in different sizes ranging from 23’inches, i.e single large-format screens 4k supported, upto 65 inch HDMI TV., choose one or pick any combination to suit your needs.


If you want to show content on one display or thousands, Digital Signage display helps you to manage and deploy content from your computer to your network of displays.


Digital signage solution can be deployed in two modes depending on the location of the server :

1. Server Signage – On-Prem Media Server

2. Cloud Signage  – Cloud Media Server

On-prem Digital Signage

Server Signage

On-Prem Server Signage is a perfect solution for users who have their own servers and have many digital displays that need to be controlled centrally.


Multiple digital advertisings displays can be kept within the same premise.


You can play videos as well, providing additional informational value to engage your customers and reduce perceived wait time.

Cloud Digital Signage

Cloud-based digital signage software delivers content to your display via over-the-air or internet from Cloud Media server.

Cloud-based digital signage can support customers whether they want to have simple slideshows running on a single screen, or video streaming from hosting servers.


Manage content  from anywhere.

Our Digital Signage Clients

Hospital Management Software
GD Super Speciality Hospital - Mayiladuthurai.
Hospital Management Software
Maruthi Gastrocare Hospital Cuddalore
Hospital Management Software
CNS Hospital - Trichy
Hospital Management Software
Napolean Ortho Center Kumbakonam
Hospital Management Software
NK - Kumbakonam
Hospital Management Software
Neha Hospital - Gobichettipalayam
K.S. Hospital - Kumbakonam
K.S. Hospital - Kumbakonam
Sri Balaji Medical Center & Hospital , Andhiyur
Sri Balaji Medical Center & Hospital , Andhiyur

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Lodge Management Software

It eliminates the need to purchase specialized signage TVs, allows flexible utilization of existing TVs and enables separate indoor & outdoor advertising as it allows 2 displays simultaneously.

Yes, By using a controller, you can convert your existing television into digital signage, allowing you to manage and display dynamic content.

With a controller, you can connect up to two displays with different or the same content.

Yes, we undertake customization based on the requirements.

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