Lab Information Logix


Lab Information System

A Clinical Lab Management Software is a computer application that helps you to diagnose and efficiently manage lab reports easily and accurately.

Multiple terminals can be connected simultaneously from a single server is added advantage and a likely feature for growing labs.


  • This product support both Clinical Lab Management and Multi-specialty Hospitals to efficiently manage bills and quality reports.  
  • It is also suitable for 24 X 7 clinical labs catering more than 100 beds Multi-specialty Hospital.
  • New Reports can be created by users using a Graphical User Interface according to the individual clinical standard formats
  • Input forms for the lab are created dynamically from the lab billing entries  Multiple Technicians can simultaneously feed the data in the forms
  • The automatic locking of forms ensures the integrity of entered data 


  • Datewise Report, Calendar -wise Report, Month-wise Report, Weekly, Bi-Weekly Reports
  • Auto test calculation
  • End-user configurable lab charges
  • Report template creation
  • Account head creation and user creation and management 
  • Online Backup & Restore feature
  • Accessible throughout the hospital to any number of users via intranet
  • Unauthorized modifications of the entered data are prohibited and can be accessed only by the technicians first entered or overridden by the administrator
  • The fully entered form once closed is moved to printing queue for report preparation.


  • MultiUser Locking Mechanisms
  • Making Formulae Collection
  • Normal Range Conditions
  • Report Envelope Print
  • 100% Secure Data
  • Graphical Reports
  • Queueing of Reports
  • Multi-User Input 


  • Masters
  • Lab Reports
  • Lab Entry
  • Lab 
  • Template
  • Admin


  • Lab Test Entry
  • Test-Report Templates
  • Barcode Label
  • Barcode Scan
  • Auto-Generate Case No.
  • Consultant Details
  • Lab Summaries
  • Lab Income Reports
  • Report Search
  • Multi Page Report Print
  • Role-wise Reports
  • Edit/Cancel Reports
  • OP/IP Separation
  • Machine Interface
  • Role Based Access
  • Auto Locking 
  • Auto Backups
  • 100% Secure Data