Ordering System App

Simplify Your Orders with Our Intuitive and User-Friendly App

Ordering System App is an Online Cloud-based application made specifically for retailers to accept orders, generate bills using Touch and TAP Input and deliver them to their new and existing customers; This app is widely used to manage orders and purchases, in departmental stores, book shops, and marketplaces.

The Ordering System App consists of a Quick Responsive Touch based TAP Solution that runs on TABs Dedicatedly for the Employees, taking the Orders. The TAP Solution looks like a Quick Food Order Taking Applications in the Hotels and Restaurants in the TAB. Employees can Create New and Search Existing Purchasers to take the Order with Mobile Number, Address, Product Details, Quantity, Discount Details and Dispatch Mode with Order Form Number.

Single Bill or Multiple Bills can be generated with respect to the Categories by choosing one by one. For Bulk Orders, Group Billings can be generated, and to select categories, Multiple Billings can be generated. Once the bill is prepared, the Print Option is available with Company/organization’s UPI QR Code and Bank Details. Through API Integration, when the bill is generated, it sends a PDF containing the bill and the Order Number, along with an order confirmation text. MIS Reports containing the total orders by day, month, and year are available to download as PDFs, Excel files, or printed documents.

The user can calculate the line item values, discount percentages, packaging charges, and courier charges, while the Net Payable is automatically calculated. For their QC and Dispatch, the User can edit the Parcel Sending Mode & Details, and Barcode with Running Serial Text and Number. The Address Slip Barcode can be scanned or entered to load the respective order details, and manual QC/dispatch are approved by capturing the electronic signatures of the QC/dispatch personnel, the corresponding purchaser receives a SMS.


  • Take Orders
  • Single Billing
  • Multiple Billings
  • Print Bill Option
  • API Integration 
  • MIS Reports: Daily/Monthly/Yearly
  • Automatic Net Payable Calculation
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Order Confirmation SMS
  • Role-based Access
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