SMS Management Software


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Bulk SMS Management

  • Bulk SMS Management Software is an application that allows you to send and receive SMS messages to multiple recipients at any time from a single node. 
  •  SMS messaging is often overlooked as a powerful engagement tool for higher education with 97% of all students preferring SMS messaging as a primary means of communication.
  • Bulk Message Software for Schools helps in completing their bulk SMS messaging task. One specific software that you can look at when it comes to helping you send a message to a lot of people.
  • The pre-eminent aspect about this software is that it can be used by everyone for free as long as he/she has either a computer or mobile phone.
  • This application will also be useful when you have to send a very important message to all of your officemates in just a short amount of time.
  • Aside from the fact that you will not feel tired of sending the same message to a lot of persons, you will also be assured that your message will be sent to the respective recipients without wasting any precious time. ...
Short Message Service(SMS)


Short Message Service(SMS)
  • Secure and reliable
  • Simple and very user-friendly software and can be operated without the help of any technical person. 
  • Ability to send unlimited message size.
  • SMS Scheduling: If you need to send your messages at a particular time of the day.
  • It offers much-needed text message delivery reports.
  • Has group SMS sending functionality.
  • Fast Delivery to all networks Nationwide
  • Instantly shows failed SMS.
  • Track message history and delivery

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