Medical Records Software

Medical Records Software is vital to hospitals providing a wide range of services, as it replaces paper-based records with efficient paperless workflow. Patient’s Demographic details, Complaints, Lab/Scan investigation reports, can be classified as OP/IP/Emergency and stored in Cloud or Local Storage.

Category-based Medical Records like X-Ray, Scan, MRI, CT, UltraSound, Lab Reports, External Hospital Documents, and Videos etc., Our MRD is readily customizable according to the specializations of Hospitals.


  • Tablet & Stylus Mode
  • Multilingual Text Input
  • Cloud-ready
  • Server Application
  • Patient Demography
  • Access Past Complaints
  • Present Complaints
  • Allergies & Comorbidities
  • Access Past Prescriptions
  • Previous Lab Reports
  • Details IP Reports
  • Discharge Summaries
  • Fast Prescription
  • Generic/Brand Medicine
  • Autoload Dosage
  • Medicine Remarks
  • Nurse Station Records
  • Diagnosis ICD Codes
  • Scales
  • Lab Prescription
  • Advice & Reports
  • Treatment Plans
  • Next Visit Date
  • Referral Letter Templates
  • Thanks Letter Templates
  •  Secure Data storage
  • Barcode