GEM Multispeciality Hospital, Coimbatore, Implements Logic Research Labs Smart Token & Queue Management Software for Endoscopy, OPD, Lab, Scan, X-Ray and Pharmacy

  • March 25, 2024
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GEM Multispeciality Hospital in Coimbatore moves forward with this ambitious digital transformation, the focus remains on continuous improvement and adaptation to the evolving experience of both patients and healthcare professionals.


The implementation of LRL's Smart Token & Queue Management Software is the beginning of a broader strategy to incorporate technology into creating a more efficient, transparent, and patient-centred healthcare environment. GEM Hospital has implemented this cutting-edge software for the efficient organization of patient Queues, with esteemed members of the GEM Hospital team, Dr. Praveen Raj Palanivelu  Chief Executive Officer, Joint Managing Director, Head, Consultant MBBS, MS(General Surgery), DNB(General Surgery), DNB(Surgical Gastroenterology), Fellowship in Bariatric Surgery, Ph.D., FACS, FALS, FMAS, FICS, FIBC and Dr. Sridhar Senior Consultant MD, DM, GMHE (IIM-B), having a significant impact on its implementation.


The software has been successfully rolled out across vital departments such as Endoscopy, Scan, X-ray, Lab, Pharmacy, and OPD. With the implementation of applications for both staff and patients, provided with clear information about their wait times, ensuring a more seamless healthcare experience as procedures are completed more quickly.


By persistently delivering exceptional patient care and operational brilliance, this initiative strengthens GEM Hospital's reputation as a frontrunner in healthcare innovation.


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