Has a single software been designed to handle all your Clinic & Hospital workflows?

  • July 11, 2022
  • logic

Every hospital will have a different need depending on its size or type. This is why you should choose the best hospital management software that adapts to your process and achieve service goals faster. MedLogix – Hospital Management Software connects all hospital departments' processes like Patient Registration, Token and Appointment, Doctors e-Prescription, OPD Billing, Pharmacy, Lab, Scan and X-Ray, IPD Billing, Nurse Stations, Discharge Summary, Ward Transfer, MIS Reports, Dashboard, reducing the burden of managing hospital operations without maintaining manually at any size in digital form, providing proper and smooth management of all workflows and operations aiming to cover all internal processes by integrating all activities in one system accessible anywhere and anytime. MedLogix is suitable for all Healthcare Clinics/ Medical Centres/ Hospitals/ Clinic Chains, etc, specially designed with high efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, to assist in their day-to-day activities using the latest computer technologies.

Which criteria should you consider when looking for Hospital Management Software?


  • Customizable Solutions for all Specializations
  • Easy Access to Patients’ Medical History
  • Scheduling/Rescheduling of Appointments
  • MRD for Reference Purposes
  • Easy & Faster Bill Tracking
  • Accurate Tracking of Inventory Supplies  
  • User-Configurable Charges & Beds  
  • Time-slot Based Bed Charge Calculation
  • Retrievability and Security of Data 
  • Enhanced Efficiency and Patient Care

How does MedLogix benefit your Hospital Workflows?


No More Paperwork for You at Your Hospital & Clinic
A chaotic scene used to exist in hospitals and clinics when patient bills and appointments were being handled. Now it's different! Having come into existence with MedLogix, a systematic process has developed over time. This software has drastically reduced paper use and kept all essential information in one place so that it is easier to access.

No Risk of Patient Files Being Repeated/Duplicated:
As long as manual data collection is used for patient information, mistakes are inevitable. MedLogix software makes it possible for the Receptionist, Clinician, and Physician to deal with patient data and billing accurately and hand out the right files, saving time and increasing the overall productivity of the staff. Since the information is accurate and efficient, the entire system workflows smoothly and facilitates in making effective decisions.

No Chance of Errors in Your Hospital Management:
A small error could lead to a serious issue in hospitals and clinics. Though mistakes are common in the management of a hospital, using MedLogix, you will be able to fully nullify any mistakes and avoid compliance issues, which are considered to be the two greatest negative aspects of hospitals, medical centers, and multi-chain clinics.

Increased Efficiency and Improved Patient Care:
MedLogix offers many rich benefits by maintaining prescriptions, bills, and other calculations in a digital format, and has also allowed the staff and doctors to save time to devote to their core duties. The ability to schedule appointments online from anywhere is essential for ensuring new and existing patients’ satisfaction, and MedLogix offers convenient online appointment scheduling that ensures a hassle-free onboarding process.

What Makes MedLogix Unique Among All Healthcare Software?

Complete Integration that Provides One-Stop Solution

A complete Integrated System, MedLogix provides seamless integration across the entire hospital, including patient registration, appointment scheduling, electronic medical record management for inpatients and outpatients, IP & OP billing, insurance billing, diagnostics labs & centers, pharmacies, opticals, and all other areas of specializations. Its fully integrated nature allows it to track all medical procedures carried out in various departments of a hospital, as well as all medicines prescribed and dispensed. Regarding the health records of patients, doctors could coordinate with other departments quite easily. Additionally, it manages the rooms, identifying them as occupied/unoccupied, etc., making it easy to assign rooms and beds to patients. If your hospital has a large number of employees, payroll software and biometric attendance are also available.


Mobile App Customization with SMS Facility
MedLogix comes with customizable and user-centric personalization that can be installed on both Android, iOS, and Progressive Web Apps (PWA). These Apps are easily searchable and can be used in Offline Mode, allowing for fast Push notifications, and aiding the patients in these same tasks much more easily through their smartphones. Doctors can manage prescriptions, and patients can schedule appointments and track their schedules through the app. Alerts are provided through SMS services for follow-up procedures, vaccinations, etc.

Cloud-Based Digital Signage Platform
Cloud-Based Digital Signage Platform is a segment of electronic signage that captures, engages, and influences targeted audiences at the right place by advertising in waiting halls of the hospitals. Signages can be displayed through a network that is centrally managed and individually addressable in LED, LCD projectors, and large-format monitors. Digital Signage for Hospitals provides real-time information to patients, visitors, and staff, including specialists' visiting hours, their appointment booking time, various facilities in the hospital, advanced surgical equipment used, awards, and even testimonials from the patients by displaying videos/texts.

What Do We Do For Your Hospital?

“We provide a Single Software Solution to manage the Complete Hospital Operations for Clinics/ Medical Centers/ Clinic Chains/ Hospitals/ Multi & Super-Specialty Hospitals”.


  • Registration
  • Appointment
  • Queue Management
  • Token Display & Call System
  • Pharmacy Integration
  • Lab Integration
  • IP/OP Billing Integration
  • Nurse Station
  • Ward Management
  • Mobile App Integration

 At Logic Research Labs, we always place a focus on customer satisfaction, and it is one of our top priorities. We work together to keep our clients satisfied with our services at all times. Using MedLogix, our integrated Hospital Management Software, you will experience budget-friendly pricing, accurate reporting, superior quality control, transparency, enhanced time management, customer service, management visibility, 24/7 customer service, and a single database management interface.  


If you're thinking of automating all your Hospital & Clinic work integrated into One System, then MedLogix is for you. 

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