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Logic Research Labs @ Trade India – Healthcare & Wellness Virtual Expo – 2022

  • January 19, 2022
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Logic Research Labs is immensely glad to announce that our services and products were presented virtually in the Health & Wellness Expo, a live tradeshow organized by TradeIndia.com from 19-21st January 2022. With the aim of connecting with global and genuine prospects digitally, we showcased our highly integrated healthcare services, that ensure greater efficiency and operational excellence.

We are stand @ Hall 1 

Visit Logic Research Labs Booth @ Hall 1

Integrated Hospital Management System

While HMS Software manages the hospital operations separately, making them efficient and paperless, iHMS is a time-saving and advanced software that interconnects all the operations of the hospital collectively together, allowing multiple users to log in and work simultaneously. It results in greater efficiency by avoiding repeated entries and eliminates manual errors. iHMS is also a highly secure system using role-based access control.


Pharmacy Software: 

The rich integrated functionalities of Pharmacy Software include the modules of Sales, Purchase, Inventories of Medicines, and Accounts. The Sales module is integrated with the e-Prescription module available in iHMS. When a doctor prescribes from his system, the rate of the medicines is displayed. During sales, the prescribed medicines need not be re-entered, just by entering the prescription ID, the sales bill is automatically generated, and the stocks are deducted, providing an up-to-date inventory and stock data, that enhances the efficiency of the Doctor as well as the pharmacy dispensing staff. Various payment options like cash/card, UPI,  and credits are supported. Hundreds of reports are available to efficiently manage the pharmacy operations.

Lab Management Software:


Clinical Lab Management Software is integrated with the iHMS, so the lab orders are automatically queued on the lab terminal when the doctor prescribes them in the e-Prescription. After the lab staff has collected the sample, and when the results are ready, the report template opens, and the values are fed in. If the diagnostic machine is interfaced with lab software, the results will be automatically retrieved and filled in the report, eliminating errors of manual data entry. The doctor can view this lab report electronically through the e-Prescription module. According to each clinical standard format, new lab templates can be created via a user-friendly drag-and-drop Graphical User Interface. In a multi-user environment, forms are automatically locked to guarantee data integrity. Finished reports are moved to the printing queue for report preparation, and are accessible to the doctors throughout the hospital via the network.


Token Management Software: 

In a hospital with a group of consultants, outpatient management workloads affect the patient and staff experience. Using an integrated Token Management System with HMS, can manage the flow of patients seamlessly right from an initial entry point to check out. It is clearly better than the manual calling of patients by the hospital staff for the consultation of a particular doctors’ queue. It enhances the patients’ experience and the overall efficiency of the OPD. 


Scan Reporting: Radiology covers X-Ray, CT Scan, MRI Tests, inclusive of registration, billing, and test reports. It further shows the status of various tests whether they are completed, pending, on hold, etc.,


Nurse Call System: Wireless Nurse Call System is a new advancement in technology, which holds the latest cutting-edge wireless designs at its core. It has become so simple for hospital staff to deploy within minutes.


Asset Management: AMS provides businesses with a streamlined process for tracking assets with efficient data management, delivering complete visibility into asset costs, usage, and return on investment for improved business performance insights.



Tele-Consultation is a patient-friendly software that enables the patients to connect with the doctor remotely, in the convenience of their home, avoiding traveling time and hurdles. It allows the users to schedule appointments from anywhere in the world through the website or the mobile App, with a particular doctor. The doctor and the patient will receive reminders prior to the appointment with the online meeting link, so the appointments are never missed. Facilities to record the video-conference meeting, reschedule/cancel the appointment, and intimate by push notifications are available. Secure online payments can be made for consultation or purchase of the medicines prescribed.

Electronic Medical Record

EMRs Software provides accurate, up-to-date, and complete information about the patients at the point of appointment. The reports with graphs help the physician save the report on the cloud storage, allowing them to prescribe medicines online.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps are specialized for a user-centric personalization based on a user’s interests, that can be installed on both Android, iOS, and Progressive Web Apps (PWA).  It allows Push notifications instantly and they are easily indexable by search engines.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage:


Digital signage is rapidly improving, since every part of the market is becoming more integrated, comprehensive, and smarter. Once the Digital Signage network of screens is implemented, the changing of the content happens instantly in attractive layouts, enabling you to control it all from one device. This efficiently saves the costs of printing brochures and creates new possibilities for engaging your customers, ultimately leading to more sales.

Website Design

Website Designing is built with responsive and attractive designs, that make the brand user-friendly and highly impressionable. It also helps the users to social proof their brand value visually, and market themselves to prospective customers.


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