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Can Teachers, Students, Parents communicate instantly using a Mobile App?

  • July 27, 2022
  • logic

Learn how educators can smartly utilize this opportunity by launching iSchool Mobile App that will enhance students', teachers', and parents' experiences.

The school mobile app is becoming a craze amongst the gen-next students, and when it's used wisely, it can contribute to both the school and students’ progress on a huge scale. iSchool Mobile App, is one such, that enables instant communication anytime, anywhere, helping students, teachers, and parents stay connected, and also promotes collaboration between the scholastic stakeholders. Most students prefer to learn through virtual classes, and they become smarter & learn new skills way faster than the previous generation. 

iSchool Mobile App can be installed on the homescreen, and is easy for search engines to index. With Logic Research Labs, customizations can be done based on your school to accelerate the overall effectiveness in terms of efficiency, resource optimization & productivity.

Below listed are the top five significant features why a school needs iSchool, an advanced mobile app, developed by Logic Research Labs:

Announcements & Homeworks

iSchool Mobile App helps in notifying the students, and parents about the latest happenings, academic information, examination notices, news, events and updates about the school. It also makes it easier for the corresponding teachers to assign homeworks from anywhere at any time to students. 

Attendance & Marks

Teachers can maintain Attendance of the students in the App itself, and keep seamless records of Marks secured by students of the class. Additionally, there are many features that make the iSchool app great, including the push notifications, and automatic updates.

Fees & Reminders

iSchool mobile app works seamlessly on the user's android & iOS phones, and tablet devices, so parents can get reminders about the fees due, circulars, and events like Parents-Teachers Meetings through the App.

Chat with the Class Teacher

iSchool Mobile App boosts the parent-teacher and student-teacher engagement, and is inbuilt with AI-powered analytics dashboards that have become a greater utility source enabling the sharing of vital information to students and parents.

Online Classroom Links

Through the iSchool app, students can join the virtual classroom instantly  through the links provided by their teachers. Teachers can mark Attendance, assign homeworks, thereby bridging the communication gap between them and their students.


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