High-Accuracy Face Recognition Attendance System

  • December 23, 2022
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Face Recognition Attendance System is an advanced, automated, and high-accuracy system that accurately identifies and recognizes faces. It helps track employee attendance, control visitors' access to office premises, enhance security and efficiency, and take pandemic safety measures. With deep learning technology, the system identifies, collects, stores, and evaluates face characteristics so that they can be matched to photos of people in a database. If Cloud is enabled, any branch office data / reports can be viewed in the Head office at any time and elsewhere.

Top 8 Features You Need to Know

  • Deep Learning Technology
  • Auto-learning Face [Monthly]
  • Multiple Entries & Exits allowed
  • Different Entries & Exit Points allowed
  • Confidence Matching Percentage
  • Cloud-ready
  • Payroll Integration[Optional]
  • SMS Notification [Optional]

Face Recognition

Face Attendance System recognizes faces quickly identifies and processes the detected faces from hundreds of employees in the database. AI-based face recognition detects multiple faces in a single field of camera view and matches them against existing face images stored.

Ease of Use

User-friendly Face Attendance System has mobile phone features with Admin dashboard to display the attendance-related data, add and delete employees, easy installation, report generation, etc.

Anti - Spoofing Algorithm

Anti - Spoofing Algorithm against Print Attack(Laser, Colour & B/W Photos), Video Attack & 3D Mask Attack. 6.6 Inch Touch Screen. 

Attendance Reports with Advanced Filters

Attendance, Duration, Late Entry, Early Exit, Presentees, Absentees and more reports with Advanced filter Option.

Integration with Payroll and HR Systems

Payroll systems can be readily integrated with Face Recognition Attendance System, lowering the administrative expenses and boosting general workplace efficiency.

Support & Maintenance

Face Recognition Attendance Systems are easy to use. They require comparatively less maintenance.

Face Recognition Attendance System is beneficial for?

Face Recognition Attendance System benefits a wide range of businesses and organizations, including government offices, banks, textile industries, offices, service centers, departmental stores and academic facilities.

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