Token/Queue Management System

Token Management Software

  • Our hospital queue management system is specially designed for outpatient clinics, laboratory diagnostic centers, and multi-specialty hospitals.
  • Our systems help manage a seamless flow of patients right from an initial entry point to check out.
  • It facilitates process efficiency and improves overall operational excellence at healthcare facilities by enhancing the patient experience.
  • Generate customized tokens as per the service to be availed & automatically populate queues at the service counters.
  • Recall missed tokens of patients who may have, for whatsoever reasons, missed their token call earlier.


  • Our application is completely browser-based to reduce the installation process at the multiple terminals.
  • Simple, yet technologically advanced.
  • Extremely easy to operate.
  • It is designed to help customers rather than confuse them with technical complexity.
  • Supports both standalone as well as PC-based operation.


  • Schedule Appointment 
  • Token Generation 
  • Doctor’s Queue
  • Streamlines OPD Tokens
  • Expected Waiting Time
  • Recall Missed Tokens
  • Thermal Paper
  • Multiple Displays
  • Doctor’s Status
  • Call Nurse 
  • Vitals Queue
  • iHMS Integration
  • Statistics 
  • Queue Stats