Token Display System for Banks

Token Display System is ideal for banks that streamlines account holders and customer inflow within the Banks for Deposits/Withdrawals, and other banking processes. Digital Token Display System is simple and seamless requiring minimal hardware, as the tokens are self-generated and can be displayed on Large HDMI screens and an audible alarm flashing Token of the customers, displaying their Queue Number on the screen in the Bank.

This system offers employees good working conditions – where they can be efficient yet relaxed without being intimated by the queue of people awaiting service. Its flexible and customizable Token Display Systems improve the overall scheduling of the customers and their experience at the Bank, by reducing wait times and making service smooth.


  • Our systems help manage a seamless flow of account holders and other customers.
  • It facilitates process efficiency and improves overall operational excellence at banking sector facilities by enhancing the public experience.
  • Generate customized tokens as per the service to be availed & automatically populate queues at the service counters.
  • Recall missed tokens of customers who may have, for whatsoever reasons, missed their token call earlier.
  • Our application is completely browser-based to reduce the installation process at the multiple terminals.
  • It is designed to help customers rather than confuse them with technical complexity.
  • Supports both standalone as well as PC-based operation.

Introducing our cutting-edge Smart Token & Queue Management Software for optimized Customer flow

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