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Pharmacy software have the following features – Sales – Purchase – Inventory – Accounts – User can Create cash & Credit bill – Accept Part Payment – Shortcut keys – Add, Remove & Cancel bill – Tax% – Discount % – Round off – Switching of Users – Bill continuation with open bill – Back date bill – Expired items – Batches – Bill accessible in all terminals – Purchase – Doctors wise purchase summary – Distributor details (such as Name, TIN/VAT, D.Lic.No and contact number) –  Medical – Non medical items in the same bill. Accounts double entry model – Create Account Head – Account Groups – Profit & Loss Reports – Balance Sheet Reports – Sales Account reports – Purchase Account Reports – Synchronize actual stock with system stock. Purchase Fast stack entry from excel or comma separated text files (csv) file is reduce the tedious data entry in stock – Can’t allow expired item –  Filter invoice based on date – Auto load previous purchase details –  Purchase form is login access restricted – Alternative medicines – Backup data & Restore data -Various report – User level menu access & manage password.





The following features are available in this module Create Cash Bill and Credit Bill – Add Item and Remove Item to bill – Cancel bill – Discount to the sales amount – Round off – List of sales bill – Expiry Items – Batch number – Bill both medical and Non medical items – Item wise tax% – Reports.





The following features are available in this module Stock entry – Create distributors details – Dr.wise Purchase reports – Cash/Credit purchase – Add/Remove item into invoice – Item wise tax% – Item wise discount% – Invoice due date report – Item wise purchase return.

Transaction Report




In this module Transaction reports are shown.

Profit & Loss Accounts

p&L acc



In this module Profit & Loss reports – Balance Sheet Reports – Opening and Closing of Accounts during Financial Year start and end are shown.

Purchase Report

purchase re



In this module Distributor wise Purchase report – Daily – Weekly – Monthly – Yearly reports – Fully paid invoices reports – Item based report from all distributors are shown.

Item Master

itm master



In this module user can add complete Inventory details.

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