Logic Research Labs comes up with highly reliable mobile application development allowing enterprises to get the best business solutions with lower development cost. For executing new business services, we are developing better enterprise architectures for leveraging the cloud and back – end services in mobile app.

Diabwellness a mobile app from Logic Research Labs, Diabetics patient can track their records such as BMI, BP, Sugar and LPL. It collect the personal information, body statistics information, blood pressure details and glucose level in the blood. One can easily track his/her own records of blood pressure details and glucose level. Apart from this Diabwellness has BMI calculator in the body statistics screen. The BMI calculation has the feature of  unit conversion. A user can view the BMI either in US units (Feet and Pounds) or Standard Unit (Cms and Kgs). You can see the last five level of glucose, BP and LPL readings/records in track results. The enter details are sent to the secure server for data analysis.

Technologies such as HTML5 and jQuery Mobile are enabling mobile cloud applications developers to build apps with more polish. Mobile cloud apps have the big advantage that they can run on many mobile device platforms that have standards-compliant Web browsers and are much less expensive to build. We develop and manage applications for multiple mobile platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows® Phone, using open technologies and popular JavaScript frameworks.