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A complete Hospital Management Software Integrated with – Pharmacy – Lab – Prescription – Token Management System – Medical Insurance – Case sheet – Payroll & SMS. Implement in hundred bed hospitals. Features are  Patient Registration – Inpatient (IP) – Outpatient (OP) billing. Configurable Lab Charges – Configurable IP Bed Charges Based on Hours range – Admission – Discharge – Bed change Workflows – Discharge summary – Billing Features – Detail or Selected bill entry. Efficient search facility allows to track the customer information. Scalable expenses module monitor the hospital daily expenses. Encrypted backup facility. Easily accessible via Web browser. Software installed on the server system and access over Network computers. Secure and Scalable, Transition Oriented Database for fast and efficient storage.





In this Registration form Patient information such as Name – Age – Gender – Address – Occupation – Contact numbers can collect and provide registration Id.

OP Billing




In this module user can create  new OP Bill  and charges add to the bill. Separate billing terminals for Lab, Scan, and X-ray are available.



Admission Work Flow

  • Convenient bed centric user interface. Choosable colors for Beds and Floors.
  • Floor wise Bed occupant information.
  • Bill icons leads to billing information.

Discharge Work Flow

  • Discharge icon leads to settlement of bill and printing of bill statement.
  • Discharge with pending amounts are not allowed.
  • Special cases require Administrator’s permission.

Bed Change Work Flow

  • Ward-to-ICU or ICU-to-Ward change can be done following the Bed-change icon.
  • Rents are calculated automatically based on Bed occupancy duration.

IP Billing



  • During Admission an IP Bill is created to maintain the charges incurred and the payments made by the Patient.
  • Bed Charges are calculated automatically.
  • Bed charge includes Rent, RMO, Nursing, Maintenance, and Food charges.
  • Charges other than the Bed charges are grouped under Lab, Scan, X-ray, Ward, ICU, and Other categories.



Customized Reports

  • Admission Report
  • Discharge Report
  • Doctor wise Report
  • Department wise Report
  • Patient wise Report

Accounts Report

  • Daily Report
  • Weekly Report
  • Monthly Report
  • Quartely Report
  • Yearly Report



Configurable Charges

  • Lab, Scan, X-ray, Ward, ICU and Other charges are configurable and modifiable by the Administrator.
  • The rate of each charge is preconfigured by the Administrator.
  • Special charges like Physiotherapy charge can be customized.
  • Each charge have a name and sub name.  e.g.  Blood test: RBC
  • Charges appear as Selectable list with fast Auto-complete feature.

Bed Charge Calculation

  • Bed charges are calculated from Rent, RMO, Nursing, Maintenance and Food charges.
  • Bed charges are based on house range with predefined percentage of full charge.
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