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Psyclinic software is designed for  psychiatric hospital. The following features are available, In the Patient registration form user can store the patient personal informations –  Queue system helps the doctor to track the patient’s appointment details –  Visitors search facilities are available – DSM-IV –  ICD-9CM are used for diagnosis. Counselling Covers the Illness History – Family Tree – Family History – MSE – PSE – Medical History – Psychosocial Stressor – Scales – Prescription – Treatment Plans – Patient’s Photo – Video Clips – Lab Tests – Discharge Summary. Auto filtering helps the user for fast typing and avoid duplicate entry, Reports with graph helps the doctor to easily analysis the patient condition.

Patient Detail




Can add Patient information, efficient search facility helps the user to find a patient information

Visitor Detail




Visitor’s personal information are available here. Visitor can get an appointment via queue system. The search facility allows to view a visitor’s information. Modify and delete visitor’s information option is available.





Details about Family tree, Family History, Illness History, MSE report, PSE report, Psychosocial Stressor, Scales, Remainders, Remarks, Videoclip, MSE analysis parameters can add, view and Save, and also can take the corresponding reports.





Doctor’s recommended tests such as E.C.T, blood test, urine test, x- ray, C.T. Scan, M.R.I, ultra sonogram, echo Cardiography, tread Mill, angiogram, E.C.G, G.I.Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, C.S.F Analysis are queued and the results are shown.





Patient prescription are shown and also view the last visit prescription.





patient discharge summary such as name, age, sex , admitted date, discharge date, diagnosis, investigation, treatment, brief history about the patient, condition on discharge are available.





In this module Date of admission, ward details, Bed details, Doctor’s advice are shown.

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