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This product support both Clinical Lab Management and Multi-specialty Hospitals to efficiently manage bills and quality reports.  It is also suitable for 24 X 7 clinical labs catering more than 100 beds Multi-specialty Hospital. New Reports can be created by users using a Graphical User Interface according to the individual clinical standard formats – Input forms for the lab are created dynamically from the lab billing entries – Multiple Technicians can simultaneously feed the data in the forms –  The automatic locking of forms ensures the integrity of entered data –  Unauthorized modifications of the entered data is prohibited and can be access only by the technicians first entered or overridden by the administrator – The fully entered form once closed is moved to printing queue for report preparation –  Auto test calculation – End user configurable lab charges –  report template creation – Account head creation and user creation and management – Online Backup & Restore feature – Accessible throughout the hospital to any number of users via intranet –  Using the web browser as front end – Graphical Reports & Queuing of Reports.






In this module user can collect the patient case history.





In this module user  can choose Detailed Lab Report Date Wise, Month Wise, Year Wise.






In this module user can collect Administration Details.





In this module user can create Templates.

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