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Chits Management Software is for Chit Funds features in this Software is New Chit Creation – Member ID Generation – Monthly Amount – Due Date of Chits – Maximum Numbers of Members – Lottery Date on Every Month – Chit Membership Creation – Introducer Name – Nominator Name – Member Payment for Chits – Member Close Chit Statement Report – Gift Entry form are available.

Chit Creation




In this new chit creation form Chit start date – Monthly amount – Chit duration – Due date for chits – Maximum members of the chits – Lottery date are available.

Membership Creation




In this membership creation form Membership joining date – Registration particulars – Introducer contact details – Nominator contact details can Save , Delete & Clear.

Member Payment




In this  Member payment form Membership payment details are available.

Member Close




In this form Member close reports are available.

Chit Statement Report




In this form Chit statement reports are shown.

Gift Entry Form




In this Gift entry form gift value details are known.

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