Logic Research Labs was founded on 2003 with the aim of revolutionizing today and tomorrows Business using Software Technology. We undertake Algorithmically challenging projects. We Capture the core of Business Logic and transform it into Software Applications that integrates with your Business. Building platform independent 3-tier applications using advanced Object Oriented Languages like JAVA, J2EE & PHP. System level knowledge in various flavors of UNIX / WINDOWS OS & Networking. Designing high performance transaction oriented Relational Database applications on MySQL, ORACLE, Postgres and MS SQL. Intranet, Internet and Cloud ready applications.


Software Development Team

  • Our Engineers are trained in handling complex and Large-Scale Software Projects.
  • Our Engineers possess in-depth domain knowledge and can suggest improvements to the existing processes.

Software Architecture Team

  • Members of Architecture group have more than 20 years of experience in Software Architecting and Implementation.

Software Testing Team

  • Our products undergo intensive testing carried by our test engineers adopting Manual and Automated testing methods.

Software R&D Team

  • Our R&D team has filed 3 US patents so far. 

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Software Development Process

  • Adherence to UML based software development process.
  • Architected by a team having immense experience in software development and business processes.
  • We develop advanced Algorithms using latest software Technologies.
  • The software design is transformed into an Efficient and Bug-free program by a team of experienced programmers.
  • Our products are thoroughly tested by our in-house alpha testing team and also by our beta customers in real-world environment.

Software Maintenance Model

  • Our maintenance & enhancement workflow is an unique and smooth experience to our customers.
  • We have experience in handling corporate customers spread at multiple locations.
  • We can undertake large scale software projects.
  • We can handle complex software bugs and enhancements.

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