How to apply
  • Send your resume to
  • Software development is teamwork and requires a variety of skills, kindly mention all your skills in your resume.
  • We hire based on the projects and the skills required to tackle the project.
  • If your skills get added, feel free to submit a fresh copy of your resume.
  • We will periodically post job opportunities available at LRL here.
Environment in LRL
  • Inspiring colleagues who guide you for excellence
  • Latest technology and tools that enables you to grow
  • Flexible management which supports your career



LRL Internship Programme offers eligible students the opportunity to acquire direct practical experience in developing challenging application software.

LRL is active in various functional areas of the IT industry, which can be categorized into three main sectors: On-Prem/ERP, Cloud Apps, and  Mobile Apps. 

Internships are offered depending on the needs and capacity of offices to receive and supervise interns. Currently, available internship opportunities are advertised

Eligibility Requirements

To be considered for an internship, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Should be a B.E/B.Tech (CSE/ECE), M.E/M.Tech(CSE), MCA pursuing candidate.
  • Have good academic performance in any reputed university or institution records.

How to Apply 

Internship being provided in 2 venues:

  • LRL, Kumbakonam.
  • KEC-TBI, Erode.

All applications must be submitted through the online/direct

To apply for an internship, Send your resume to contact with the subject line as Internship

Internship @ LRL, Kumbakonam

Interns at work

Trainers teaching the interns regarding the development of software in our the company, Logic Research Labs


Interns presenting the demo software that they have developed under the guidance of trainers to Mr. Hariprakash, CTO of Logic Research Labs

Receiving Certifications

Interns receiving their certificates from Mr. Hariprakash and Mrs.Sangeetha, CTO & COO of Logic Research Labs

Internship @ LRL, KEC- TBI (Technology-Based Incubator) Branch, Erode.

Coding Interview @ KEC - TBI

KEC Students taking Online Coding test for the selection of interns conducted by Logic Research Labs.


Receiving Certifications

Intern receiving the certificate from the Entrepreneur Elavarasu in the presence of Mr. Hariprakash, CTO of Logic Research Labs.


Interns Team

Selected Interns of Logic Research Labs with the Entrepreneur Elavarasu and Mr. Hariprakash, CTO of Logic Research Labs